Your username here MUST MATCH your XenForo username (connected to your XF license).

    Once you have registered here, then you need to start a conversation at xenforo.com w/Bob and provide the following:
    1. Your XenForo License Validation Token
    2. The Domain Name associated with the License
    NOTE: Your account will be validated once ALL requirements are verified/met. Thank you for your patience.

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All Zip Files contain the License Agreement (license.txt). Here is a clip of text from the agreement that prohibits it.

1. The software is licensed to only you. You may not give, sell, copy, transfer, sub-license, and/or rent the software, in whole or in part, without prior written consent of the developers of the software.

Unless the Current License holder contacts me and gets written permission PRIOR to the sale, the new ower(s) won't legally have a license as they are not licensed through ME and they won't have access to download the addon.