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bring on NFL for pickem 2013/14

Good to hear :) I love it so far and so do my members. They LOVE that each game locks individually allowing them to make changes right up to game time.
It would be nice to use a sprite for teams... as a single http request is far better than 32 per person, per load when not coming from a cache, for NFL as an example.
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How's stocktrader coming along for responsive upgrade? Some members are itching to get that one back...

Its coming along (SLOWLY). I keep getting side tracked tho between work and custom project deadlines. Once I get Showcase 1.3.0 Stable out the door (its in beta testing right now), 100% focus will be on Stock Trader until its released
Have you looked at that other little project yet?

a started to and then got busy with work. Then when you brought up the team icons for sprite, I started to look into it again and once again got side tracked. Its one of those things that I need to just wake up and work on without being interrupted. No football on Sunday this week, so MAYBE I can tackle it then.