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Blank Review Tab

Adam Bloch

New Member
Ok it's not the tab that is blank it's the page. I get the comment box and everything else just no reviews. I can see there is a review as there is a number in the tab showing that a member has added a review. Here are the other strange bits. You can see the reviews in the side bar and if you click on them they take you to the review that you can then see. If you right click the review tab and open in a new window/tab you can see the review. I have also noticed that the word reviews is missing of the url but if you mouse over the tab you can see the word on the end.

Any thoughts?

Just in case anyone else runs into a similar issue, the problem was because a CSS class ('last') was removed from the Review Tab. That important class is linked to some JavaScript that unbinds the onclick event for navigation tabs (tabs that have their own Controllers). The non navigation tabs are part of whats called a Tab Container system. WHen you click on those tabs, hides one container and displays another (without rendering the page). What happens when you remove the 'last'' class is that when you click on the tab, it thinks it is part of the tab container system and hides the current container and attempts to unhide the container associated with the tab you just clicked on (which there isn't one). That is why the unbind js is added to the tabs (reviews, discussion etc) so that when you click on them, it will go to the URL specified.