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Article Management System Author vs Editor


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I would like to post articles that were written by people other than myself, which would make me the editor and not the author (even though in XenForo terms I'd be the author because I posted the article). In other words, I'd like to create an extra field, e.g. realAuthor, and then I would like to somehow list all the articles by the realAuthor (and not by me, the author in XenForo).

Can this be done with the AMS?
AMS does have Custom Fields and you can do most of what you want to do via custom fields and some template editing, however, the last part (which is probably the most critical) is the listing of those. That would require some programming.

With that said, is there a reason why you can't create users for those authors? Then you'd simply use the reassign article function. I've seen a few people do this (like create a user Stephan King), write the article, then reassign it. Each User that has Articles has an author page. Doing it this way can be done right out of the box. You can even create users titled "Author 1", then use the AMS author name feature to set the Author Name for that user (which displays the Author Name in places where username usually is displayed).
I did think of the second option, creating a user for each author, but the downside would be that people may think these authors are really members of my forum, they may try to contact them, etc.. Maybe that's not a big issue, just something I need to consider carefully. But I do like that option. Thanks!
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