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Implemented "Author Suggested Articles" block


Staff member
Dadparvar said:

There are a few similar suggestions like "Similar Articles" and ... by other users. Those are getting similar articles with some criteria and automatically.

I want to suggest "Author Suggested Articles" block. What is it? its a field in CREATE/EDIT ARTICLE page, and let article author to enter some ARTICLE IDs. and those articles will be displayed as "Author Suggested Articles" block (either in sidebar, or as own tab, or even like tile or grid or item view below the article or below about author.).


This has been implemented in AMS 1.6.3

There is a new Option that controls whether the feature can be used or not. its only a Global option (no category overrides).

You have the choice of displaying the content in 1 of 2 locations, either below the article or a sidebar block. There are 2 additional settings that apply only to the sidebar block (whether to display the cover image and the snippet length).

NOTE: There is a HARD limit of 12 for the location below article and a hard limit of 15 for the sidebar block.


When the feature is enabled, there will be a "Set Author Suggested Articles" link in the Article Tools. This is available based on the permission to EDIT the article.


You simply add the Article Id's of the articles that you wish to display.


The display location below the article will display the Author Suggested Article in TILE VIEW.


The display location sidebar block will display the articles just like "More in" blocks.

NOTE: I've added additional handling that prevents duplicate content displaying in "More in" blocks. If an article is being displayed in the Author Suggested Articles block, it will not be displayed again in the More in Category or More from Author. Same thing applies with the More in Category block... if an article is displayed in that block, it won't be listed again in the More from Author block.

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