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Implemented Article Queue - Upcoming Articles


Staff member
Grant said:
With the scheduled article feature it would be nice to have an option for an editorial calendar view. to help see if there is any gaps in upcoming editorial. Could be an option for default view of Article Queue.

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This suggestion has been implemented. Votes are no longer accepted.
I've added an "Upcoming articles" feature to the Article Queue.

There is an new AMS Option titled "Upcoming articles cut off days". This is default set at 14 days.


If there are any articles awaiting publishing within the cut off period, they will be fetched for display in the 'Upcoming articles" block and the "Upcoming articles" page.

On the main Article queue page, the first 5 results that are fetched will be displayed. At the lower right, there is a link to view all upcoming articles (within the cut off period).


The "Upcoming articles" page is a sub page of the Article queue and will fetch and display all upcoming articles within the cut off period set in the AMS options.


Note: The data being fetched are Full Entities w/relations, so for those of you that like to customize, all the data that you should need is exposed and available.