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Maybe a stupid question but what are these alerts actually alerting me to?

Screen Shot 2013-08-12 at 21.56.55.png

I clicked on Sportsbook and the alert stays so I assume I haven't found whatever the alert is for yet...
Those are NOT alerts. They are NEW/Updated Item indicators. They are telling you that there are 5 NEW (or updated) showcase items and 2 NEW (or updated) Sportsbook events.

If you click on "New Items" and "New Events" you will see them (just like New Posts). The only difference is that core XF doesn't use the itemCount indicator on the Forums Tab (or else Forums would have a red bubble displaying the count of New Posts)
btw, this is an Admin Configurable Option (default is disabled)

Enable Event Counter on Nav Tab

If enabled, will display an indicator on the sportsbook navigation tab with the amount of new & unread/unviewed sportsbook events.

What confused me slightly is that this is how Chris has implemented it for new posts:
Screen Shot 2013-08-12 at 22.06.08.png
Yours looked more like alerts because of the bubble.
How do they stop being new? I visited the pages and they're still there which confused me.

The same exact way that the New Posts work. When you view the EVENT, it marks it read, just like when viewing a THREAD, marks it read. You also have the option of "Mark Events Viewed" (look at the Sportsbook Tab) which will mark them ALL read (again, JUST like Threads/Posts).
I've got Enable Event Counter on Nav Tab checked, but indicator doesn't show after new event is created.

Any suggestions?

Or does it not alert yet because I have Upcoming Events Cut off Off Value in the Forum Home tab set to 48hrs and the event closes in 72hrs?
Since YOU created the event, you won't see it as "new" cause, you created it. The same behavior as when creating a new thread. Since you created it, its already marked as "read".
I have Upcoming Events Cut off Off Value in the Forum Home tab set to 48hrs and the event closes in 72hrs?

That setting is for that block. It has absolutely nothing to do with "New Events" indicator.

Sorry should have included, I logged in on a registered member account I use for testing.

I guess I'd need to log in and check all your settings. I just created an event here (a few seconds ago) and all my other accounts can see the new event indicator just fine. Inbox me with an admin account (full permissions) and I will check your settings.
Hey @Bob sorry to bump the old thread but it's about this feature.

When there is unviewed events, isn't there any visual indicator that would tell the user the events we has to unseen? I assume it's all mixed so it will be all the last entries on "Newest Action"?
Yes, its exactly the same as Showcase, AMS, XenForo Media Gallery, Xen Product Manager etc. Same Global Options, Same Individual user enable/disable and the New Items Indicator displays on the Sportsbook Tab just like it does on the Showcase Tab. The "New Events" link fetches New/Unviewed Events.

The most common mistake is expecting these counts in real time. The Data is Cached in each viewing users Session, so if you have that set to 15 (15 minutes), then when YOU are viewing, its only going to update the Cache 15 minutes after the last time it updated.



I had to wait 5 minutes before I saw the new item indicator on Sportsbook (because I had the CACHE set at 5). NOTE: This is NOT something that you want to set any lower than 5 or you will OVERLOAD your sever with a ton of unnecessary queries. Its actually best to set this to 15.

What differs from Showcase here, is that Showcase shows the unviewed items, once you click and see the list, you'll see the name of the Items that are not viewed Bolded, the same functionality of unread/read threads.

Sorry if i didn't explained correctly, what i was mentioning specifically is that visual difference from what's read and what's not, once you see the list of events.
Event Titles on lists (Bold/Normal) have absolutely nothing to do with the Unread Alerts function on the Nav Tab. If those are not working (they should be), then that would be a NEW Bug of some sort (or a problem with your style). Either way, this thread is about the NAV TAB New Items indicator. It DOES NOT control anything in respect to Titles on Listing pages or the Event Pages themselves. That is completely different code.
@Bob Is there an option to enable alerts for open bets in the Betting Exchange that I'm overlooking?
You mean like when you WATCH something (like Watching a Sportsbook Category) and when a new event is created in that Category, users watching that category will get an alert? If so, then no, nothing like that exists for the Betting Exchange. You can create a suggestion thread for it, but I need to know the specifics of how you expect it (the entire system) to function (UI, controls, actions etc)