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Add tab function


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Something I really need is a way to add tabs and then add multiple fields to that tab.
ShowCase provides 5 standard tabs and allows me to add custom tabs. But custom tabs can only have 1 field. Its not possible to add new fields to custom tabs.

Optimally it would be possible to add tabs in the same way as you can add new fields. For example there could be a 'create new tab' button next to the 'create new field' button. When clicking it the order and the tab name could be defined. After the tab is created then we could add fields to the tab.
Alternatively it would also work if there would be an 'create new tab on category settings.
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Its not possible to add new fields to custom tabs.

Yes it is. It is an advanced knowledge option, but that is exactly what SELF PLACE LOCATION is for. Several People are doing this and its really not that hard. It falls outside the scope of support, but I do offer customization services and once you see how I do it, its easy for you to replicate it on your own.