showcase 3.2.21

  1. Bob

    Implemented 'Contribute' to Item button / Self Join Contributor Team function

    This was a [PAID] request funded by @Forsaken Same basic feature as AMS: Implemented - 'Contribute' to Article button / function This is both a permissions driven feature and a per category feature (requires both in order to be used). I've added a new Showcase Item Permission "Self join...
  2. Bob

    Implemented Max Allowed Contributors option has been removed in favor of a per Category setting

    As per title, the Showcase Option "Max allowed contributors" has been removed and has been replaced by a per category setting. This was done to give admins a little more flexibility. As part of the update process, this value will be set to 25 for all categories that allow contributors and...
  3. Matt C.

    Fixed Phrase "xa_sc_there_are_no_authors_yet" missing

    You're probably already aware, but just in case, there is a phrase missing in the authors list page. You can see it if there no author's listed. This is in version 3.2.20.