showcase 3.2.0 beta 1

  1. Bob

    Implemented Contributors and Co-owners

    What this does is allow the Item Owner to add contributors and co-owners to their showcase items. Contributors and co-owners can perform the same actions on an item as the item owner (with the exception of DELETING the item). Contributors will be listing in a sidebar block titled "Contributors"...
  2. Bob

    Implemented Activity Summary Email

    As most of you are probably aware of, XF 2.2 includes a new feature called "Activity Summary Email": XF 2.2 - Activity summary email I have implemented 3 Activity summary handlers for Showcase and included 3 Activity summary definitions: These definitions are used to add an activity...
  3. Bob

    Implemented Review voting

    I've implemented a Content Vote Handler for Showcase Reviews, which allows members to Up or Down Vote individual reviews. This is a permission and category options driven feature. Review voting is enabled on a per category basis and is dependent on reviews being enabled (for obvious reasons)...
  4. Bob

    Implemented Prefix descriptions and usage help

    As per this HYS post: XF 2.2 - Assorted improvements Im not going to re-explain the Have You Seen thread, so if you want to know more details about the feature, read the HYS thread. Here are a couple screen shots...
  5. Bob

    Implemented Custom Field Output Control - Wrapper display HTML

    As per this HTY Post: XF 2.2 - Assorted improvements I've implemented Wrapper display HTML for both Custom Item Fields and Custom Item Review Fields. The input is located in the General options section, below the Value display HTML input.