ams 2.2.25

  1. Bob

    Release Article Management System (AMS) 2.2.25 (Stable/Supported) released

    Article Management System (AMS) 2.2.25 (Stable/Supported) released. Important Note: This version of AMS has a minimum XF version requirement of XF 2.2.2 It is highly recommended to read all the implemented suggestion threads and bug fix's so that you are familiar with them prior to upgrading...
  2. Bob

    Updated Misc updates

    The following fields have been removed as they are no longer necessary (Full Article/Page titles are now always being displayed in various navigational elements and blocks). Article: overview_page_nav_title Page: nav_title Updated the 'comment_simple' macro in the 'xa_ams_comment_macros'...
  3. Bob

    Implemented Your Reviews

    As per title, I've added a "Your reviews" page for sites that heavily use the Rating/Review system in AMS. There is a sub navigation link "Your reviews" in the "Your content" navigation element (this can be toggled off via the XF navigation system for those of you that don't want it). The page...
  4. Bob

    Updated Latest reviews page

    I've added a permission based sub navigation link titled "Latest reviews". This navigation link will only display if the viewing user has permission to view reviews. The Latest Reviews page was mostly "hidden" as the only public link was the header of the Latest Reviews Widget. Of course, you...
  5. Bob

    Implemented Add Discussion Thread to Articles that do not have an Associated Thread

    This was funded by an anonymous premium license holder and graciously donated back to the AMS community for everyone's benefit. I've updated the existing "Change discussion thread" feature to split it into 2 distinct functions (Update|Disconnect and Associate|Create). Note: Being able to...