ams 2.2.20

  1. nicodak

    Fixed Draft in a series causing confusion with members

    If a draft is assigned to a series, the title of the draft appears as the last article in the series ( if he is) and the click redirects to the classic XF error page. The draft article is also counted in the number of articles in the series. It is confusing for the user. You might not assign a...
  2. Bob

    Implemented 'Contribute' to Article button / function

    Suggestion posted by Premium license holder
  3. Bob

    Implemented Max Allowed Contributors option has been removed in favor of a per Category setting

    As per title, the AMS Option "Max allowed contributors" has been removed and has been replaced by a per category setting. This was done to give admins a little more flexibility. As part of the update process, this value will be set to 25 for all categories that allow contributors and co-authors...
  4. nicodak

    Updated Set Cover Image: add some container padding

    Hello, a little bit of padding to get the images not stick to the border (top & left). Maybe.
  5. nicodak

    Fixed Pages Navigation Controls below article, off canvas

    Hello, Last AMS version If page name are long, pages buttons are off canvas. What would be a quick CSS fix for that ? Thank you ! :)
  6. D

    Fixed Missing phrase on the add article to series form

    Hi, while testing your AMS plugin I have found a missing phrase on the add article to series form. You can see it on the following screenshot:
  7. nicodak

    Fixed More in... block on article pages not respecting options settings

    Hello, i use the last version of AMS I set the More articles in the <category> block to be displayed under the article. When articles has pages the block is displayed under the article for the main page but for the others pages it is displayed in the sidebar. Thanks. Hope the answer will not...