ams 2.1.9

  1. Bob

    Updated Display cover image above article - updated to correctly display only on overview and full article

    As per title, I've updated the per article optional displaying of the cover image above the article to correctly only being displayed on the main article page and when viewing the Article in "Full view'. Currently, when setting the option and the article has some Article Pages, the cover image...
  2. Bob

    Implemented AMS Cache Rebuilds via CLI using the xf-rebuild command.

    As per title, you can now run a couple of the AMS Cache Rebuilds via CLI using the xf-rebuild command. Here you can see all the rebuilds that come with XF, XFRM, XFMG and a few of my public and private addons.
  3. Bob

    Implemented Alert author on article approval

    This works both within the Approval Queue (which is a XF Handler) AND AMS moderation controls (manually approving an Article via Moderation tools, both individual in inline). Members will receive a standard type alert informing them that there article has been approved. Note: This is for...