ams 2.1.4

  1. Bob

    Implemented Filter: Content state

    I've added a new Filter that lets moderators filter the articles list by the state of the content (Visible, Moderated, Deleted). This filter is only available to Moderators that have the article moderator permissions View Moderated Articles and or View Deleted Articles. Here is what the new...
  2. Bob

    Implemented Article Tools: Manage Ratings

    This is a re-implementation of this: Implemented - Article Tools: Manage Ratings This article tool is driven by an AMS Article moderator permission. This permission is not new, so you probably already have it set (if not, you'll need to set it). Here we have an article that has 3 ratings...
  3. Bob

    Implemented Lock/Unlock ratings for articles

    This is a funded feature by an AMS Premium license holder Note: A Review in AMS is a "Rating", so the term "Rating" in this context applies to reviews as well. There are 2 new permissions associated with this feature. The first one applies to the Article Author. If set, the Article Author...
  4. Bob

    Implemented Override the default sort order for the articles listing on a specific category

    This is a re-implementation of the same feature in AMS 1.x that was funded by a AMS Premium license holder who paid to expedite this feature getting re-implemented. As per title, I've added a new category setting to the Category extra options that lets you override the default sort order of...
  5. Bob

    Implemented Automatically unfeature articles older than x days

    This has been implemented into AMS 2.1.4 as a [PAID] request by an AMS license holder. This feature is disabled by default, so those of you that want to use it, must enable it. When enabled, the AMS Daily Cleanup CRON Entry will run a function that will unfeature any articles that have a...
  6. Bob

    Updated Hide the "About article author" input on the Account details page when no permission to view AMS and

    Not sure why I didn't do this in the first place, but I've edited the TM that adds the Rich Text input to the Account details page and wrapped with permissions checks (View AMS and Create Articles). So now the About article author input on the Account details page will only display if the...
  7. Bob

    Updated Approval queue templates for articles, comments and reviews

    As per title, I've updated the Approval queue templates for Articles, Comments and Reviews to use the new 'item_message_type' macro in the approval_queue_macros template added in XF 2.1. Note: There are new phrases introduced with this update.
  8. Bob

    Updated Filters: Title Filter

    This is a re-implementation of the same title filter in AMS 1.x The Title Filter has an option that allows the filter to be be shown in the Filter menu (it is enabled by default). This filter works exactly like it did in AMS 1.x, you choose a letter (in this example, the letter T) and it...