ams 1.6.5

  1. Bob

    Implemented Gallery Display Location: No Gallery

    I've added a new option to the Gallery Display Location that allows you to be able to choose to NOT display the gallery. This comes in handy when you only want to use the Mini Gallery in the sidebar or to force your users to embed all uploaded images into the Article itself. Those that want a...
  2. Bob

    Implemented Display searchable field value(s) as filter Link(s).

    As per title, the ability to display searchable field value(s) as filter Link(s). I've added a new option setting to AMS Article Fields that allows you to turn a custom article field value into a Filter Link that works in conjunction with the new Refine by functionality within AMS. NOTE...
  3. Bob

    Implemented Refine by (filtering by custom fields)

    As per title, I've implemented a Refine by system that allows users to refine results on category pages by filtering via custom fields. This is basically the same system that I spent the past 2 years working on for RMS (Review Management System) and recently integrated into Showcase. NOTE...
  4. Bob

    Updated Advanced Field Search has been removed/replaced

    Advanced Field Search has been removed and replaced in favor of the Refine By System that is a new way to filter results on Category Pages. Implemented - Refine by (filtering by custom fields) Out with the OLD and in with the NEW!