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Showcase is an addon designed for forum owners to provide an interface for their members to showcase items both visually with a collection of images as well as textual content and custom field content providing detailed information pertaining to each item.

Supported XenForo Branch: XF 2.2

Available Unsupported XenForo Branches: XF 1.x, XF 2.0 and XF 2.1

Your standard license purchase includes 1 year of support and updates.

  • Access to stable/supported versions only
  • 1 Showcase license (non transferable)
  • 1 year of support/downloads
  • Basic Support
Access to Alpha, Beta and Release Candidate versions, are available with a Showcase Premium license

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Latest reviews

The EXTREMELY Powerful OG Bob addon
  • Extremely customizable
  • Great Support
  • Robust & Rock Solid
  • Could handle sections better (but that's in the pipeline)
  • But really no real cons - Bob's a pro and his addons are solid
This is the addon that brought me to XenAddons and Bob. I originally had it installed as a way to review film schools after the XenReview fiasco and before RMS was a twinkle in Bob's eye - or maybe it was a twinkle then?

After RMS was released I decided to use my showcase license in a completely new way that wasn't the original intention - as an application database for film schools to replace a google sheet my users were using. There were some growing pains as I figured out the best way to do it but it's been a HUGE hit for my site and the robust permissions and "view full item" feature have made it into the main income producer for my site. So that's awesome.

All of Bob's addons are extremely robust, powerful, and insanely customizable. You won't regret it. :)
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