sportsbook 1.10.1

  1. Bob

    Updated Sort Bets Created and Bets Challenged

    As per title, the ability to sort Bets Created and Bets Challenged on the "Your Bets" and [Member] Bets pages. This was supposed to have been included with the SB 1.10.0 release, however, I just today realized that it wasn't included, so I've included it with the upcoming maintenance release.
  2. Bob

    Updated The Term "Handle" has been replaced by "Total Staked"

    As per title, the Term "Handle" has been replaced by the Term "Total Staked" throughout Sportsbook. Old Phrases have been removed and new phrases/existing phrases are being used.
  3. Bob

    Updated Sort Order Types Changes

    As per title, I've made some changes to the Sort Order Types for Sportsbook. These changes are mainly PHRASE related, however, you will have to RESET 2 of the Sort Order Types as they use different array keys now. Newest Action has been replaced with Create Date Latest Odds Update has been...