showcase 3.2.0 rc 2

  1. Bob

    Implemented Display style: Simple - Carousel added to Featured/Latest Items Widget Definitions

    As per title, I've added a new Display style "Simple - Carousel" to the Featured Items and Latest Items Widget definitions. Which results in this.... It displays a Cover image, the category that the item is in, the Title (with prefix if it has one), Rating (if it has one) the author and...
  2. Bob

    Implemented Reassign discussion thread when Showcase item is reassigned

    When reassigning a Showcase Item, if the Showcase Item has an associated discussion thread, that associated discussion thread will also be reassigned to the member that the Showcase Item is being reassigned to.
  3. Bob

    Implemented Add tags to Search Results

    As per title, Tags have been added to Search results for Showcase Items (same as threads, resources, media etc)