showcase 2.6.7

  1. Bob

    Implemented Alert on Feature/Unfeature Item

    Item Owners now receive an alert when one of their Items is Featured or Unfeatured.
  2. Bob

    Implemented Delete Draft

    This has been implemented. Item Authors can now delete draft items at any time (no permissions checking and no time limits).
  3. Bob

    Implemented Add 'Hide Prefix on Title' for Forum Home Slider

    Hide Prefix on Title has been added to the Forum Home Items Slider Options
  4. viper357

    Implemented Discuss this Item button Location: Sidebar and Below Item Content

    Hi there, is it possible to duplicate the "Discuss This Item" button and place it directly below the article/item? I've tried to do it by copying and pasting the code from the sidebar template but the button comes out really small and all the text is on one line. p.s. Also, would I be able to...