ams 2.2.10

  1. Bob

    Implemented Convert Article to Thread

    As per title, I've added a new feature that allows AMS Article Moderators (with the appropriate permissions), to convert an Article (one that was posted by mistake) into a Thread. Important Note: This feature is to be considered BETA, so I would suggest testing before using. THIS IS NOT AN...
  2. Bob

    Implemented Search Articles tab display order option

    As per title, an option that lets you control the display order of the [Search articles] tab in the XF search area. Core XF and Core Addons are all hard coded. The default order for AMS is 131 (most of my addons default to a value in the 100's range). If you wanted to have the [Search articles]...
  3. Bob

    Updated Edit Review form now supports full width inline editing

    As per title, when editing a review inline, the forum now supports full with editing as shown below.
  4. Bob

    Updated AMS Featured Articles and Latest Articles Widget Definitions updated to include Contextual Category

    As per title, I've updated 2 AMS Widget Definitions to enhance the Category limit option to include "Contextual category", which is used when you want to create a widget to display on category pages and have only content within that category be fetched.... so you can now create a "Top Rated...