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When creating a review, you can set a minimum number of characters that are needed. Is there any way to have a "countdown" that shows how many more characters a user has to go till the review would be valid? Sort of the way that profile messages show how many characters you have left to type before you go over?

Hope that makes sense.
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Not that I know of. Its easy to do with a standard text input field, however, the Review Summary is using the Core XenForo Rich Text Editor and I've yet to see anyone come up with something that works with it. If you find something in the RM, let me know and I'll take a look at it and will let you know if its something easy to customize on your own or if it would require php modification to the view for the editor.
Many reviews sites have a counter for minimum review length. Its a good suggestion, if it's doable from a technical viewpoint.