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Fixed Thread prefix not being displayed in Thread Header when associated with Article

Discussion in 'AMS Resolved Bug Reports' started by Bob, Aug 8, 2019.

  1. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member


    Even tho this is not a BUG (its as I designed it to work), I am going to move this into the Bugs Forum and process it as a bug that has been "FIXED" as it WAS (and still IS for that matter) implemented exactly like the XFRM (which sets the XenForo Standard for how Associated Discussion thread functionality should be implemented).

    One of the args (arg-titleHtml) used for passing in data to a macro (an AMS macro, not an core XF Macro), is currently commented out. Commenting out that particular arg (which then defaults to NULL), forces the macro to display the Article Title along with the Article Prefix (instead of the Title HTML that is being set and could be passed in, which would contain the Thread Title and Thread Prefix).

    Anyway... I've modified the the 'xa_ams_thread_insert' template so that it again passes in data (if there is any) to the macro through the arg-titleHTML, so Associated Threads should now be displaying a Thread Prefix and Thread Title instead of forcing the display of an Article Prefix and Article Title (there are cases when the thread title and article title won't match).

    Here is a screen shot of a Forum and there is a Thread with a Thread Prefix "test".


    When viewing the thread, it will now display the Thread Prefix, even if it is associated with an Article.


    When viewing the Article, you will see that the Article display the Article Prefix, but that its not displayed on the associated thread anymore.
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