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Survivor User Guide/FAQs

Discussion in 'Survivor Support' started by Bob, Jun 25, 2014.

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  1. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    What is Survivor? Survivor is a Fantasy Sports pool based game derived from Yahoo Sports "Survival Football" (which is a variant style of "Pickem").

    How is it played? Unlike Pickem in which you attempt to pick the winners of each game for a given week, in Survivor, you only pick one team that you think will win its game in that particular week. Sounds easy enough right? Well, here is the twist on that part... you can only pick a given team ONCE during the entire season.

    What happens if the team I pick loses the game? When you make an incorrect pick, you will receive a Strike.

    What happens if the team I pick ends up in a DRAW (TIE)? It depends on how the Pool is configured. Each pool has the option of "Draw counts as a WIN" or "Draw counts as a LOSS". If the pool is configured were draws count as a LOSS, you will receive a Strike.

    What happens if the week closes before I've made my pick? Players that fail to make a pick before the week closes will receive a strike just as if they would have made an incorrect pick. You will see "DNP", listed in areas where your team pick would normally be displayed (DNP = "Did Not Participate").

    What is a Strike and how does it come into play? A strike is what you receive when making an incorrect pick. Each Pool sets the elimination type (Single, Double or Triple). If the Pool is a Single Elimination Pool, you will be eliminated with 1 strike. If the Pool is a Double Elimination Pool, you will be eliminated with 2 strikes, If the Pool is a Triple Elimination Pool, you will be eliminated with 3 strikes.

    What happens when I am eliminated? Just like the TV show with the same name, you are eliminated from the game. You can however still access the pool to see how everyone in the pool is doing as well as post comments in each week for that pool.

    How is the winner determined? The pool ends when there is only 1 person left (the sole survivor) OR there can be multiple survivors if more than one remains at the end of the entire season.

    Are there any other rules? Not within the addon itself, however, there are rules of play for certain types of Survival Pools. Not going to list them as there are just way to many. I will give an example tho. One rule in a pool that I belong to is that you can only pick HOME teams. This adds another level of difficulty into play.

    How do I Join a Survival Pool? If you are currently not in a pool, you will be taken to the Manage Your Pools page. This page lists all the pools that you have joined as well as a list of Available pools that you can join (based on User Group). Simply click the join button and you are in. If the button say's "prerequisite", click on it and it will tell you which user groups are allowed to join the pool.

    Can I join a pool after it has already started? It depends on if the Pool has been configured for that or not. Each pool has the option to allow "late" joins (late = after the first week of the pool has closed). Normally, users are "charged" at "strike" for joining late (Obviously, this would only work in Double and Triple Elimination type pools).

    I am in more than 1 Pool, how do I switch between pools? You can quickly switch between pools via the "Switch Pool" toggle. You should set your Default pool for the pool you most often visit (specially if its the only active pool).

    Why am I not getting reminder Alerts? You need to go to the "Manage Your Picks" page and click on "Enable Alert Reminders" in the Tools Block on the sidebar.
    Last edited: Jun 25, 2014
  2. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    Pick Distribution Sidebar Block

    How are the percentages determined
    ? The Pick Distribution Block displays Data based on picks made within all Pools that are associated with the same season. This gives a better "Trend" rather than using smaller sets of data. This is how larger sites like ESPN, NFL.com, Yahoo Sports, CBS Sports etc do their's.
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