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Implemented Survivor style Pickem addon

Discussion in 'Survivor Closed Suggestions' started by Regs, Jul 2, 2013.

  1. Regs

    Regs Active Member AMS Premium SC Premium Sportsbook Pickem Power Rankings Survivor

    Hey Bob,

    Any thoughts to adding an additional pool type to pick'em?

    I looked and searched but didn't see a suggestion for survival-type pools - I ran many of these in a previous life and they were quite popular :)

  2. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    Its funny you mention it, as I have an addon (Prototype) called Survivor Pickem. It is its own addon tho and not a pool type of pickem. My plan is to integrate it into pickem at some point. Its a pretty high priority for my site, so you can be assured that I will be spending time on it.
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  3. thefreekick

    thefreekick Member Showcase Sportsbook Pickem Survivor

    This sounds great.
  4. Regs

    Regs Active Member AMS Premium SC Premium Sportsbook Pickem Power Rankings Survivor

    Excellent news Bob, thanks!

    I used to use a program/script called Turbo Tourney but it wasn't integrated into anything and was a bit of a beast to skin/set-up for each pool. But once set-up, it was a breeze to run the pool from there. I've read elsewhere here your explanation for not being able to allow/implement a sharing of result files for pools (game ids being different for everyone) but that was one thing turbo-tourney did very well. I have some thoughts/ideas that may lend to a future solution on this and when I have some time, I'll search for the specific thread and put my thoughts there.

  5. d12j28

    d12j28 Member Showcase Sportsbook Pickem Survivor

    That's cool! If you need any help testing let me know. Be happy to.
  6. thefreekick

    thefreekick Member Showcase Sportsbook Pickem Survivor

    Any news on this Bob?
  7. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    Im still plugging away on it when I have time. I've got a fully functional prototype, but its not "release" ready. There are some bits of functionality that work for ME, however, I don't think they will work for an addon that I have to support, so I need to do a lot of brainstorming. The biggest issue right now is the scoring as once you enter a score, the system does a TON of processing and its not something that you can just say "OOOPS, I entered the score backwards" and hit the back button to reverse everything that just happened. Its a bit different than pickem in that you don't have games for each pool, you now create a season for a sport (ie, 2014 NFL Regular season), add weeks to that season and then add games to those weeks. Then a POOL uses a Season (multiple pools can use the same season). This saves a TON of time on the administrative side, however, it creates kinda a nightmare when you as an admin enter the wrong score as when you do that, it screws up EVERY pool (as eliminations are driven by when a team loses). I can move the elimination process to a CRON that runs every x hours (best to run once a day) so that you can at least afford to screw up a score and fix it before CRON runs, however, once the elimination process has run, its DONE and FINAL. The only thing you can do is manually edit a players record and change their status and # of strikes. If you have A LOT of people, that will take a lot of time.

    Anyway, Its pretty cool and seems to work fine (at least in all the testing I've done). It works as I designed it to work (which is based off of Yahoo Survival Football). Its not a CLONE of Survival Football mind you, but it functions similar and the concept is the same.

    Not sure when I will jump back into development on it as priorities right now are on Showcase, Sportsbook, Pickem and Stock Trader updates.
  8. thefreekick

    thefreekick Member Showcase Sportsbook Pickem Survivor

    Wow, long answer!

    Thanks for the feedback - sounds very good anyway and I like the idea of one season controlling a number of pools to save time.

    Let us know of any progress anyway - I would find a few uses for that across a few different sports.
  9. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    Sometimes its hard to answer with a short post :D

    I am HOPING to use the same "SEASON" concept within pickem, however, conversion may be a pain. This is one of my main offseason chores!
  10. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    Figured now is a good time to give a sneak peek at Survivor 1.0.0 Beta 1 (which is very close to being ready for initial release testing).

    This is an example of the main Survivor Pool page. Its tabbed to display both Active Players (Alive) and Eliminated Players. In this example, week 1 is complete and 3 players received strikes for incorrect picks. Since this is a double elimination pool, they live another day and can participate in week 2. If this was a single elimination pool they would have been eliminated and would display under the Eliminated players tab and would be OUT of the pool. Also, as you can see, one player (Rockbo) failed to make a selection which automatically results in a STRIKE. Another thing you can see (at least a hint of it) is that you can make comments. Its the same comment system that I just implemented for Showcase and Pickem (and soon Sportsbook).

    This is another shot of the main view. As you can see, the Pool/Week status changed to GREEN. Green = Current Open week (changes to Red when the week locks or has been finalized). You can view PAST weeks, but future weeks are hidden until they OPEN. You can also see that you can only view YOUR pick when the week is open. Once a game LOCKS, anyone that picked one of the teams in that game will then be displayed for everyone to view. This is just basic Survival Football functionality (like on Yahoo NFL Survival Football)

    This is the Manage Pools page. This is where members can join pools and where existing players can switch between multiple pools that they are participating in.

    To see a list of members that are participating in a pool, simply click on the Pool name and it will launch an overlay displaying all participants.

    This page is where players manage their Picks. Pretty much self explanatory. It tells you when the deadline to change (or set) your pick depending on the game lock time for the selected team. Once the game starts, you can't change your pick (just like with pickem). When the team name is in RED on this page, you can click on it to enter the Pick Edit page (next image).

    This is an example of the Edit Pick page. Unlike pickem, you only chose one team from a single game (as you can see, I have the Raiders picked for this week. You can also see that I can't pick the Ravens as I've already used that team in week 1 (if you don't know, you can only pick a team ONCE).

    Some notes on the Administration.

    You can set the elimination type per Pool (Single, Double and Triple elimination)
    You can set the user groups that are allowed to join per pool
    You can enable/disable the comments system per pool
    You can set each pool to use a specific Style

    I've created a completely new system for weeks and games (different than how I did it for pickem. Weeks no longer belong to a POOL, they now belong to a "Season" which is part of a sport. What this allows is for multiple pools to use a "season" (like 2014 NFL Regular Season). A season can be used in as many pools as you wish (unlike pickem where you had to create all the weeks for each pool. When you score a game, it takes care of ALL pools that the game is part of. This is a HUGE upgrade over how Pickem works (I hope to change pickem before the NFL season starts).

    Sport (NFL)
    --Season (2014 NFL Regular Season) (season_id = 1)
    -- -- Week (Week 1)
    -- -- -- Game (Raiders vs Broncos)
    -- -- -- Game (Chiefs vs Chargers)
    -- -- Week (Week 2)
    -- -- -- Game (Chiefs vs Broncos)
    -- -- -- Game (Raiders vs Chargers)

    Pool (2014 Regular Season)
    -- Season: (season_id = 1)

    Thats all for now... Feel free to ask questions if you have them.
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  11. Sheldon

    Sheldon Active Member Sportsbook Pickem Survivor

    Im. Press. Ive.

    I absolutely cannot wait for this.
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  12. thefreekick

    thefreekick Member Showcase Sportsbook Pickem Survivor

    This looks terrific Bob
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  13. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    Its really starting to shape up (for the first Beta version). Its light years ahead of where Pickem was when I first released it lol. I can't wait to make some changes to pickem for how I am doing things with this addon (specially the Backend stuff). Season Management makes it SO much easier to have multiple pools with the same weeks/games.
  14. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    some tweaks to the Pools Management page...

    Biggest change is having your status for each pool listed which gives you a quick update without having to switch to each pool.

    Other new things include Sport Icon, Pool Status moved to Title Prefix, new "Join Pool" and "Prerequisite Buttons", Set default Pool moved into a drop down box.

  15. d12j28

    d12j28 Member Showcase Sportsbook Pickem Survivor

    Looks great Bob!

    One question, if this is a separate add on will we have to make say a whole NFL season in both pick em and this? Or can you just make one season and import it to either? Hope that makes sense.....lol I'm assuming that this will be it's own add on of course.
  16. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    It is its own system with no ties to pickem. There is also no import export as the architectures are different.
  17. d12j28

    d12j28 Member Showcase Sportsbook Pickem Survivor

    I know you mentioned changing pickem back end. Would an import export be possible or even something you would consider? Would be awesome if I used both add sons but only had to do one season.
  18. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    Wouldn't matter as there are multiple issues besides some architectural differences between the two addons. I'd love to discuss all the technical reasons why, but it won't change anything. Id' have to take away functionality in both addons (the ability to add any sport and any team to the system) and control the sports/teams myself (and I am not doing that).
  19. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    Survivor 1.0.0 Beta 1 is now in closed beta testing. I've moved this thread into the new Survivor Support Forums.
  20. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    Just a heads up for those of you following this... Beta testing has gone really well, well enough that I will probably go ahead and make this available within the next week or so.

    As I did with pickem, I will let this addon develop further through group input. I think the BASE is pretty solid and shouldn't require much if any adjustment(s).
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