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Survivor Setup & Configuration Guide

Discussion in 'Survivor Support' started by Bob, Jun 24, 2014.

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  1. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    Survivor Setup & Configuration Guide

    Survivor Configuration Steps

    Step 1: Set User Group Permissions. Survivor has both user and moderator permission that need to be set for each user group

    Step 2: Set Survivor Options. Survivor has a few options pertaining to Comments.

    Survivor Setup Steps

    Step 1: Sport Management (Admin CP >> Applications >> Survivor >> Sport Management).
    Survivor comes with the NFL sport and teams already added.
    If you are only using this for NFL, you can skip to the next step.
    If you are using this for other sports, you will need to first create that sport, then create all the teams for each new sport you add to the system.
    Selection_122.png Selection_123.png Selection_124.png Selection_125.png Selection_126.png

    Step 2: Season Management (Admin CP >> Applications >> Survivor >> Sport Management >> Season Management [click on seasons from Sport Management for the particular sport you are working on])
    Create a season for your sport (which is basically just the name of the season.. ie, 2014 NFL Pre Season, 2014 NFL Regular Season, 2014 NFL Post Season etc etc etc)
    Note: Each Sport has its own Season Management!
    Selection_127.png Selection_128.png

    Step 3: Week Management (Admin CP >> Applications >> Survivor >> Sport Management >> Season Management >> Week Management [click on weeks from Season Management] )
    This is were you create the schedule for the season.
    Create week 1 for the season you are working on (you can add the rest later)
    Note 1: Each Season has its own weeks.
    Note 2: You don't have to enter the entire season at once, but you should at least add the first week and games before creating any pools!
    Selection_129.png Selection_130.png

    Step 4: Game Management (Admin CP >> Applications >> Survivor >> Sport Management >> Season Management >> Week Management >> Game Management [click on games from Week Management] )
    Create at least 1 game for week 1 of the season that you are working on (you can add the rest later).
    NOTE: Each Week has its own games.
    Selection_131.png Selection_132.png

    At this point, you can now create a POOL that can use the season you just created as the season has at least 1 week with 1 game.

    Step 5: Pool Management (Admin CP >> Applications >> Survivor >> Pool Management)
    Since there are no Pools yet, you will first need to create a new pool
    • Click the Create Pool button.
    • Give the pool a name (it doesn't HAVE to match the season name).. ie XF NFL Pre Season Challenge.
    • Choose the season that you want to use for this pool (I will choose 2014 NFL Preseason since my pool name is for the 2014 NFL preseason)
    • Choose the Elimination Type
      • Single - 1 strike results in elimination
      • Double - 2 strikes results in elimination
      • Triple - 3 strikes results in elimination
    • Choose the Draw Type
      • Draw (tie game) counts as Win
      • Draw (tie game) counts as Loss
    • You will see a RED WARNING telling you that once you OPEN the pool the above settings CAN NOT be changed! The below settings can be changed at any time.
    • Allow Join Pool
      • If enabled, this setting allows new players join this pool. When disabled, this pool will not display in the 'Available Pools for your participation' listing.
    • Allow Join Pool Late
      • If enabled, this setting allows new players join this pool even tho the pool has already started. When disabled, this pool will not display in the 'Available Pools for your participation' listing if week 1 of the pool has been locked and or settled.
    • Allow Join Pool by
      • choose which user groups can join this pool.
    • Enable Comments System
      • This option allows you to enable a light weight comments system for weeks in this pool. This system can be enabled/disabled at any time and only effects weeks within this specific pool.
    • Pool Style:
      • Lets you use a specific style for this particular pool (overriding the users default viewing style)
    • Hit SAVE pool which will then CREATE the pool and puts the pool into a PENDING state.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: You will have to EDIT the pool and set the Pool Status to OPEN for it to display on the frontend. All pools are initially saved as PENDING!

    Selection_133.png Selection_134.png Selection_135.png Selection_136.png Selection_138.png

    At this point, you SHOULD (if you followed the steps correctly) have a pool that members can join and make their pick for week 1. I would recommend that you at least have week 1 games all added prior to setting the pool to OPEN tho.

    Some Misc Notes:

    A Season can be added to Multiple Pools. This is so you can have several pools involving the same Sport/Season.. ie, dozens of 2014 NFL Regular Season pools with various configuration settings like Premium Members triple elimination pool for example vs regular members double elimination with Ties counting as Losses etc etc etc.

    The JOIN LATE option. This is for letting people join the pool after the pool has already started (the first week locked). If this is NOT enabled, once week 1 has locked, there can be no new players joining. The OBJECT of this "game" is to survive, so letting people in AFTER some people have already made picks is rather ODD, but I figured I'd add it anyway for those that want it. Some pools let players "buy in" for a strike (which you can do manually by letting the person join, then editing their player record for the pool and assigning them a manual strike.

    Game Scoring: This is IMPORTANT! There are no "Oops", I entered the wrong score, let me hit the back button and try this again... ONCE YOU ENTER A SCORE, AN IRREVERSIBLE PROCESS STARTS!, the SYSTEM starts a very extensive irreversible processing of that game as that game involves player picks from multiple pools and has to deal with checking for elimination and other various things. Again, this is NOT something that can be reversed! You CAN edit the game and change the score, but all that will do is change the score, It will not "Undo" everything it just did.

    So what happens if you make a mistake? If you make a mistake, you will have to MANUALLY correct that by editing each player in all pools involving that specific game. You can change their status from eliminated to active, set their strikes back etc (as well as doing the same for the people that should have received strikes and been eliminated. Just be CAREFUL and you won't have any problems. Game scoring is just like pickem (for those of you that use pickem). Simply add the score of the game and hit save.

    The Pool Management contains links to Player Management for each respective Pool. You can DELETE a player from the pool as well as edit their Status, Current Streak, Strikes Received and Week Eliminated.

    Thats pretty much the Admin Side of things. I will post images with this soon!
    Last edited: Jun 28, 2014
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