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Discussion in 'Stock Trader Support' started by anthony parsons, Dec 18, 2012.

  1. anthony parsons

    anthony parsons Member Showcase Sportsbook Pickem

    Perpetual reinvestment of profits for the member to choose at purchase of a stock.

    If stock is bought for $1.00 ea and eventually makes enough balance to buy more stock at market open, then an option for the member to choose at buying, to reinvest the profits.

    This is based purely on my assumption, that right now the profit sits there and doesn't earn further money, even though its locked into the stock as profit. If this is the case, then perpetual reinvestment is a simple solution to an otherwise usually complicated matter of dividends, taking them or reinvesting, etc. It would give a person the ability to let a stock go and continually grow exponentially, instead of just based upon the initial stock purchase.
  2. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    Pretty cool concept. Would require quite a bit of changes to the current architecture, plus a bunch of new code. Pretty advanced functionality at this point. I could see something like this down the road a bit once all the basics are in place. It wouldn't be something that could run on a shared server tho lol and depending on the amount of people using it, it could get pretty server intensive. Love the idea tho!
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  3. anthony parsons

    anthony parsons Member Showcase Sportsbook Pickem

    Would it also be possible for a member to categorise their portfolio? Stocks can be many things, some you need to watch, others you don't, some you may have as day traders, etc. Just thinking it could be nice if a member could create their own categorisation and slide their stocks around within their overall portfolio.

    Maybe even if a default category system that allows a member to assign / slide their stocks around within their portfolio, i.e. low risk, medium risk, high risk.

    I guess it could be named even more aptly, 'stable' 'restless' 'suicidal' :D

    A portfolio at present can quickly become a cluster... trying to manage hundreds of companies.
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  4. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    and what is the function of these user created categories? Are they just "holders".. ie, you create 3 categories and assign a stock to a category. What else does it do? Is this a new area that needs to be accessed via links What is the UI and functionality of it?
  5. anthony parsons

    anthony parsons Member Showcase Sportsbook Pickem

    Ok, lets look at your portfolio here Bob, as an example. You only have four stocks invested right now. No biggie there.

    What if you've invested in 400 stocks? When you view the page it's like finding a needle in a haystack. You have to look at each stock for its volatility, to keep, sell, buy more.

    If we could put those into categories that isolate them from others, it allows stocks to then be easily viewed for the purpose of management. One way is to go buy an app than does just this, and allows you to manage your stock, however; that isn't part of the game and is an additional cost to the user.

    I guess it can be something as simple as a dropdown at the quote stage for buying, allowing a person to assign the stock, or move the stock, into a category. The categories could be like sportsbook, admin created, ordered and fixed, or user created... unsure how complex both methods are to implement between frontend and backend.

    I don't know anything about UI's, though I can see that for example, Jaxel added a drag and drop ability in his latest media update where users can drag and drop their songs around within their playlist, to play in an order they want, not the order the songs are added to the playlist. http://xenforo.com/community/resources/8wayrun-com-xenmedio-media.97/update?update=2638

    I don't know how much work is required, however; if you have a solution I am also happy to chip in some $$$ to make it happen, or sweeten the pot for you doing it... whether you want me to buy some more licenses that I simply don't need, or whatever, I'm good to put in some $$$ to improve the add-on.
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  6. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    ok, thank you for some clarification. This is similar to functionality that I already have planned for the advanced portfolios in the next major version. Im pretty sure the stuff I have planned will cover this suggestion :) Im not sure "when", but its planned for 1st quarter of 2013 (planned release that is).
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  7. anthony parsons

    anthony parsons Member Showcase Sportsbook Pickem

    Nice... oh, and something that was just pointed out to me, is that it doesn't keep any statistics for the user on what they've made / lost. Once they sell a stock, there is nothing telling them whether they're up or down in combination with their current stock, as an overall.

    I like the sound of 'advanced porfolios' already.
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