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Some feelings after the first hour ...

Discussion in 'Site Feedback' started by Robert9, Oct 21, 2019.

  1. Robert9

    Robert9 Member AMS Showcase Sportsbook

    I dont know the product very good till now, but i will tell you what i felt while using it the last hour.

    1. None of all add-ons has custom fields with own uploads. There is only one and this one has one custom field with uploads as a modification for me. The changes are not really much, the code is really less. From this we should have picture uploads and inserts for a field and a page, see next ...

    2. If i have one or two or three additional pages = new text fields with own tab, i dont have a button to change "the page", means changing only this field. If you write longer articles, you really hate to open a form with ten fields and hundreds of lines of text. Also the pictures of this field/page should be editable here.

    3. To make things exraordinary for a texter, there should be a wonderful bbcode named "edit"; so i can start with

    [edit]This is a part about big dogs ... [/edit]

    With this you should be able to edit the text not only with one field at one page, see 2.; i can change the text just without editing the field. This function would be the dream of all writers here and everywhere i guess (and for wikipedia this is a quite normal function?)

    4. While you write long articles, there could be:
    a) option to start a second page after 10.000 chars
    b) another bbcode like [next page, please]

    too make things not to complicated, see 1., we dont want to add options for any textfield, but with the bbcode ... you would be my hero. :)

    5. With more than one page - yes, for shure, we need additional "meta data"; no problem for a good programer like you and a practicer like me We just add new bbcodes for title and description, and while saving we check/regex => [pagetitle] and [pagedescription] and no Sir! We dont add any fields, this is overkill in space.

    [newpage][page title][page desc] => the rest is done by the machine. Without the metas, we do the normal way.

    6. To do more funny things we add another bbcode for alt-text for pictures. Just after an attachment, we write [imgalt]lala, this is such a nice cat[/imgalt] ...

    7. There is a nice add-on from XON with a lot of bbcodes, i will try to use them inside all fieldtypes of Showcase. Maybe i will be surprised and happy?

    I will stop here, but for shure i have more arrows in my "the thing where you have arrows in"; i dont know the word, its an arrow bag? :)

    Thank you
  2. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    I'll respond to each of these individually (when I have the time as I am quite busy at the moment and don't want you expecting me to answer them all instantly).

    I'll cover this one really quick as its something that many XF license holders want the XF Developers to add...
    All my addons use the Core XF Custom Fields system. There is a suggestion at XenForo.com for addding most custom field types, one of which is File Upload (if you have not liked this post, you should): Additional custom fields

    I do not have any plans to extend the Custom Fields System in any of my addons.

    With that said, there is nothing stopping you from hiring someone (or doing it yourself) to enhance the Core XF Custom Fields system, which would then work for ANY addon (XFRM, XFMG, Showcase, AMS etc) that use the Core XF Custom Field System.

    AMS has a "Article Pages" system which is designed for Multi-Page Articles (including TOC aka Table Of Contents). Each "Page" has its own editor and its own attachments. Its a pretty nice system and fairly easy to use. some basic info (you can find more info by searching) Resolved - Multi Page feature

    Showcase is not an ARTICLE system (or Blog System or WIKI system), so it does not have ARTICLE type features (like multi-page articles).

    Showcase is not designed for lots of lengthy TEXTUAL content (that is what AMS is designed for).

    This would NOT be handled by a BBCode, it would be handled by an interface for inline editing (which XenForo does not have). I'd LOVE to see something like this in the future (most likely XF3). I doubt you will see anything like that in XF2.
    Last edited: Nov 4, 2019
  3. Robert9

    Robert9 Member AMS Showcase Sportsbook

    Dear Bob, just let the text here. There is no need for answering now. I like to think and to talk about. maybe one day you have time, maybe one day you wake up and remember one of these points and maybe we will have a new feature then ...
    The AMS is still in use, the SC is activated since two hours to try and test ...

    I will play, learn, think and come back with maybe one or two more ideas. :)

    About the fields and the pictures. I have no idea, but maybe you had them and so i will see, what i can do. For example insert attachments into a normal textfield? Anyway i still have not learned what i can do with attachments. I use them always at the post i have uploaded them, but maybe there is more to do ...
    Bob likes this.
  4. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    As mentioned above, AMS has a system for handling Multi-page articles. It may or may not work for you, but there is something in place that is much better than using custom fields.

    I do not have any plans for anything beyond what I've already developed for AMS Article Pages. I MAY at some point look at adding the "pages" functionality that I have in AMS, into Showcase (for multi-page showcase items).

    Here is a very quick basic example of a multi-page article:
    The Overview (Page 1): Lorem ipsum step by step

    Page 2: Lorem ipsum step by step

    Page 3: Lorem ipsum step by step

    Full Article: Lorem ipsum step by step

    If the field type is "Rich text box", then any BBCode will work in it.
    Last edited: Nov 4, 2019
  5. Robert9

    Robert9 Member AMS Showcase Sportsbook

    1. To edit is much more important than to feature, i think.
    I can move the links probably by me own, but maybe others will also click much more times on "edit" than on "feature".
    If you work 12 hours a day with texts, every click and every second of saving time while searching is a win.

    2. If you have a long text in SC with extra tabs, you have to scroll to the top to read the next tab. An option to show tabs at the bottom also would help. This looks stupid on pages with less content. So maybe: option tabs down: yes, no, yes_changeable, no changeable

    With yes/no changeable, this is default, but you can switch it on/of per page.

    Again just ideas while working, no question or suggestion you have to answer me.
    I have to add around 250 items now with a long text and at least one, probably two more tabs with textfields ... after this i can tell you about every little click felt too much or things missing very clearly.

    1. When i want to add a thread, i need an url, that means to copy it. The field should also just take the thread_id, so i can enter both: link or tid.

    2. When a thread is connected with the RM, and i want to change that, i cant do it in one step.
    I have to delete it from RM and add it for SC.

    Better would be a warning and a click to overwrite it. At least for the RM.

    3. I am not shure what will happen, if i delete the RM Item. The thread will be "normal" than and open for SC? I will try it ...

    I have deconnexted the thread from the item in RM and connected the thread to the item in CS.
    I see now "discussions (1224)" as a tab, that´s nice. But how can i come from the thread back to the item in CS?
    There is nothing here. Maybe i have to check the table row and compare it with a fresh done thread by CS, maybe there is something missing. Or i cant see anything, because i have not defined any forums for the cats in CS?
    Yes, no, maybe - i will have cats and forums fitting to each other. But if i move athread for any reasons to somehwere the connection should be still shown. Ok, that´s philosophy, i should check and compate the table rows now.

    I just understand myself. For some threads i cant add a forum, because:

    cat UK
    cat Spain

    Forum UK
    Forum Spain
    -- Forum Barcelona

    and i really dont want to have also a cat "Barcelone" under Spain in CS.

    (if this is the problem)
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 4, 2019
  6. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    The SITES "Feedback & Suggestions" is not a place to post suggestions for specific addons, its for feedback & suggestions pertaining to this site and for making suggestions for new addons (or new features for this site). Individual Addons have their own suggestion forums.

    Please post any suggestions for Showcase in the Showcase Suggestions Forum (and one suggestion per thread as each individual suggestion is tracked).
  7. Robert9

    Robert9 Member AMS Showcase Sportsbook

    More feelings after another long night ...

    The news should be able to be without cats; if i have only one cat it is not needed to show the sidebar. Probably i can fix this alone, others may need a trigger.

    I really prefer an article icon like my cms before, like RM, like TH Articles. If i can use an attachment and want that, perfect. But maybe i dont want to have an attachment or maybe i want to show some quite different as article icon. Both could be done with a second upload. The function should be no magic for you, it is done with less code, i have done this for XF1.

    I miss the link "edit" in the list, why i should click one time more than needed?!

    Xenforo 3 should have a system where attachment 345 is showable everywhere, with care from where it was uploaded. :) In all my articles are attachments, and i have no idea how to show them now in your ams, but i will find a way, i guess.

    Thank you for your work. :)
  8. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    Your Question was moved to the AMS support forum and answered. Resolved - Question about Title and meta

    You may continue your critique, just remember to post any questions in the appropriate forum.
  9. Robert9

    Robert9 Member AMS Showcase Sportsbook

    More feedback:

    I have understood that the XF2 thumbnails are done by 100x{calc}, but this is an ugly solution from my point of view.
    The icons need to have all the same size to look nice.

    I got how to choose the cover pic and so i have chosen the icon also. I would like to have here:

    * choose also the icon (plus text field for any data_id (and hash) in the whole table. Needs a table field or added data.
    * choose also if you dont show the pic for cover and/or icon in the message or below. (Easiest would be with an bbcode to hide it around - here we have no quote, so this is quick, dirty and ok, i guess.)

    Best way would be
    - do icon from cover (checkbox to stop behaviour) with {x*y}
    - edit with upload of the icon, also delete the icon to have a standard
    - menu for different standards chosen by 1,2,3 (if managed by admin/mod) for users we need more nice with names.

    Thank you for listening. :)

    Very important for buisy people: All the links like report, warn, edit, delete needs to be in the list view also. Else i need to click to detail, then scroll, then delete for example. Maybe this is a normal way - first read content, then delete or edit. But it makes life harder and needs more clicks.

    What i dont like it nesting of cms; while we have no .articleBody in the list, we have no
    .articleBody .actionBar-set, but for shure, when you have your view it is not needed. I like to be open: Maybe i need that somewhere else also? Then dont nest it!

    With the reactions i am not shure not. Should we react at the list view?
    In my case yes, beause i dont want to show a detailed page always, some articles are just to short, so we need a trigger (extra page yes/no)

    Probably it is not possible to trigger that with a custom field in the list_view (without extra work), but who knows, i will try.

    Another problem always are the snippets. We dont want a h2 in the list view, but maybe we need the br?

    And funny, funny - i could not understand why the reactions are not shown - shure, if i own all articles. :)

    Now i have no reload of the reacions after set/edit/delete. :(

    But there is another question. No detaile dpage, means no comments, no ratings, but reactions?
    Or should everything has an own page because of the comments. We also have a thread.

    Solved ... the reactions are running now also in the list view.
    But i am still curious what to do with comments and rating when there is no detail page.

    Puhhhh! So much energy ... and then ... after hours of trying Komodo, Netbeans, PHPStorm i feel dead and dont have the debug that i want.

    Komodo works "sometimes", Netbeans runs finally, but i have steps and run through cursor. Maybe i more, but i have not found it. To test the addon xyz, i want to exclude the whole /xf, but i have no idea how. There is no "run till breakpoint" like in Komodo. Php-Storm seems the best one, i have filled and changed and filled and changed ... and finally ... but there is no connection between the http and the debugger. The debugger is listening, but nothing happens, when i watch the pages.

    It seems they have different ways and maybe i just dont understand the concepts. Komodo opens the files at the server. The two other ones copies the files, but you open the local ones and set the breakpoints there?

    These are the special moments ... wasting so much time, while you could learn it in 30 minutes with a teacher.

    Finally i can use PHPStorm more or less. I still dont understand to open the $POST always. means with every new function/step/breakpoint i have to uncollapse the VAR. I really dont believe that this should be necessary. There is a watch(er), but it doesnt help, the data is collapsed.

    Anyway i tried to find now a bug. The Linkdirectory has many, but this one i cant catch. if you try to search for Links only, it misses the t=ld_links. When i debug, i have it ... a long time, while x add-ons are asked for their opionin, finally ZACK the post is filled new with one missing var and i dont see the jump ... meanwhile i have not changed the AMS, i am still thinking about new fields or custom ones for the list.

    My next big point is the AMS; and here i am full with ideas.
    To make the my AMS looking like a professional site there are many small steps needed.
    I have to get rid of the sidebar, but i have to find a way to show the cats (maybe i will start without any cats, there should be an option for);

    Because not every article should have a detailed page; i want to get rid of the likes and comments; as long i use a thread for an article, this is double. But i really would like to show the likes from the first post of the thread. Also i would like to have the likes at the short preview (maybe i have done this already), but i want to like here also the first post of the thread and not the article itself.

    Another way would be to have no thread, but likes and comments for the article.
    I am not sure about that.

    On the other hand i want to have short messages without a detail page. I we want to discuss it, we need a thread.

    So, this is not so easy to decide what to do:

    1. Articles, likes, comments, no thread
    2. Articles without likes, comments, but with thread
    3. mixed

    In any way i dont like that the thread must be added automatically. There is no button to add a thread, right?
    Say, i have ten articles a day and nobody wants to discuss this normally, then it would be nice to have no thread till someone wants to discuss it.

    I need an articleicon and a trigger to show it above the preview or left. Then the size must be fit also for cover or icon.

    Also i have to stop the behavior that a picture is shown in the preview if i dont allow it.

    Many questions for now, i will solve them.

    To get off the sidebar in index/cat_view the easiest way is maybe to use the responsive function just for every solution.
    But this breaks the behavior with the rest of the page.

    Something that i really dont like:

    If your article is not long enough, the sidebar will be much, much longer than the article.

    - Count words of article and show less content in the sidebar
    - Have a trigger to say: For this article only 2/2 for More in and More from (or 0 to deactivate the block)

    Because we have less authors, i just delete the author-block.

    Some strange behavior in AMS:
    A user has posted an article, i see the red 1 at the top. I have deleted this article. Now i have still the red 1 on top.

    If i mark "have read all"; the red 1 is still there.
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 19, 2019
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