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Not a Bug Showcase working fine, but new Posts are not displayed

Discussion in 'Showcase Resolved Bug Reports' started by mayordomo, Feb 3, 2013.

  1. mayordomo

    mayordomo New Member Showcase

    Dear All,

    as I did understand it, before going public showcase posts need to be moderated, right? Installed showcase today and made a test post, post showed up in Mod que and Moderation alert upper left box (logged into forum as administrator). After moderation post showed up at frontend = everything working fine.
    As I'm in good old Germany started to translate Phrases into German and Add-on was working fine.

    After finishing most of the frontend translation, now I have following phenomena: When I create a post, I get the confirmation that post was created. The post shows up the item management (Amin Control Center), but I do not get a que alert anymore (upper left) when I'm logged in the Forum as admin.

    Appreciate any suggestions you might have.

    Thanks in advance.

    Edit: From what I can see the addon is working ok. The onyl issue is that when moderated posting creation right are set, the the Moderation allert does not show that a new post is vaiting for moderation / you just realize that something has been posted by going to Itema Managament on the Forum Admin Backend.
  2. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    The AJAX Dropdown notification only has 1 single phrase as the "action" (creating the item) is the same regardless if the users permissions are "Create" or "Create Moderated".

    If it is OK with you, I can move this thread into the "Suggestions" forum and modify the code a bit so that it does 2 phrases instead of one.
  3. mayordomo

    mayordomo New Member Showcase

    Dear Bob,
    Firts of let me thank you for the fantastic work you have done with this add-on. The code and phraases are neat an clean. I had no trouble to get it running into German. You do not wnat to know how many time I have wasted here with other add-ons where it was a nightmare to find the hardcoded phrases.

    Ok, I understand your point, but that is the drop-down notifier. Yes, it would be good to have 2 phrases in palce there. Would at least help avoiding getting mails or calls from users wondering where their post ended up (in case of create moderated).

    The moderated option is an excellent idea and I would like to use it, but the moderator que is not showing anmore that an item has been created and is waiting for review. That is my actual "?"

    Ok, undestood that you can grant following rights to users:
    a) Check Create
    b) Check Create Moderated

    I had both enabled for each user group :rolleyes:? Does that not conflict (I guess the is yes)? Returned setting to moderated and disabled create. Alert in Mod Que does not show up after item creation. I now returned to setting "Create" and the add-on is working fine.

  4. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    Create means that users in the group can create items and those items will be immediately published to showcase.

    Create Moderated means that users in the group can create items HOWEVER, those Items will be sent to the moderation queue for approval by a staff member.

    If you have both checked (Create and Create Moderated) Create Moderated will override Create and the new Item will be sent to the moderation queue for approval.
  5. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    Items that are sent into the Moderation Queue can not be seen anywhere within Showcase until they are approved.
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