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Showcase updates via [TH] Install & Upgrade possible?

Discussion in 'Showcase Suggestions' started by MyPoloNL, Mar 4, 2021.

  1. MyPoloNL

    MyPoloNL New Member Showcase

    I recently got into this nice add-on from ThemeHouse called [TH] Install & Upgrade, it allows you to directly install an add-on you've bought with one click (no need to download the file seperately) and see if an upgrade is available after it was installed (also this update is downloaded and installed with one click.

    This al goes by providing the add-on an API key from the author.

    This add-on does not only contain ThemeHouse at the moment, also Atelier Aphelion and Xenforo itself (for XFMG and XFRM).

    It would be a very appreciated function to this wonderful add-on :)

    Note: i have nothing to do with ThemeHouse except i'm running the UI.X Pro bundle from them, so not to advertise them!
  2. MyPoloNL

    MyPoloNL New Member Showcase

    @Bob u might have missed my message or is it just not going to happen? :)
  3. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    I normally do not respond to suggestions (for the same reasons that XF developers don't respond either) unless I need some clarification.

    In this case, I have everything I need in order to possibly consider this, however, I can't consider this until I upgrade this site from XF1 to XF 2.2.x AND I can't do that until I develop an XF2 version of my Product Manager (STORE) addon.
  4. MyPoloNL

    MyPoloNL New Member Showcase

    Oh sorry Bob, i didn't know that!

    Take your time, we'll see how it's working out. ;)
    Bob likes this.
  5. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    The new Store (Product Manager) is about 50% complete, so its coming along nicely. I plan on upgrading to XF2 as soon as the Store is fully functional for existing license holders to be able to download releases (not worried about new purchases as that can always be handled manually via paypal invoicing or simply sending me a paypal and I manually add a product purchase to the individuals account). Shooting for sometime this summer :)
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