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Not a Bug Settings for categories not saving in 1.2.0

Discussion in 'Showcase Resolved Bug Reports' started by Neal, Mar 20, 2013.

  1. Neal

    Neal Member Showcase

    I've installed the latest version by upgrading my current one. However I can't add new items to the showcase as when I set the options in the admin control panel and click save the options revert back to default / unchecked.

  2. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    hmmmm Works fine on here, all my test instances, and everyone else that has already been using it (I just checked on xfshowcase and it works fine there too).

    I see you have NO user groups, so something else is weird on your install as well.

    Can I get access to your site?
  3. Neal

    Neal Member Showcase

    I installed initially using the automated installer add-on and then tried to upgrade it manually. Now I get database errors viewing the showcase. I'm sure it will be something on my end rather than this mod.

    Yes you can have access. Create an account and i'll sort it. I'll PM you the address.
  4. vicki

    vicki New Member AMS Premium Showcase Sportsbook

    I'm wondering what's the cause that you eventually found out? Thanks!

    I just upgraded to 1.2, not sure which part I operated wrong, getting similar result as the OP.
  5. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    The cause in the above case was that XenForo started the XML upgrade process before the new files were unzipped and finished uploading to the server. This causes the XML to process the Upgrade with the OLD install.php file that does not contain all the new Install "stuff" for the upgrade, so you will be missing multiple new DB Tables, lots of field additions to existing tables, modifications to existing fields, data entry into existing tables (like new content handlers).

    I can sort this for you rather quickly and easily if you inbox me with Admin Access to your site along with phpMyAdmin access.
  6. vicki

    vicki New Member AMS Premium Showcase Sportsbook

    Bob, thanks for the prompt response!
    I did the xenForo upgrade before the showcase upgrade, and this is on my testing site. Do you think I could fix the problem by re-do the upgrade for showcase? I'd like to see if I can learn to fix such problems at this time, because in the future something similar to this might happen again... so I'd like to know the correct procedure to fix such problem(after the upgrade). Thank you!
  7. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    There is no "correct way" to "fix" this. The problem Neil had was caused by the new install.php file not being uploaded to the server prior to xenforo started the XML upgrade process. The only way to "fix" this it to manually LOOK at the Database to see what is there and what is not from the addon perspective. Then after that assessment is made, make the required DB changes to set the Addon back to the previous state and then run a proper upgrade of the addon (by making sure the files are completely uploaded to the server before the XML is processed). Each situation is different depending on what the prior version of the addon was, so there isn't a "Guide" or "set way" on how to do things like this. Neil's situation was slightly different than DRE's because of the prior version of the add that was installed.

    I understand the want to learn, but this is not something that I can say. Step 1, do this. Step 2, do this. The correct procedure is to contact the Addon developer and have the addon developer fix it for you.
    vicki and Neal like this.
  8. vicki

    vicki New Member AMS Premium Showcase Sportsbook

    PM was sent... thanks!
    Bob likes this.
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