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Implemented Season Management

Discussion in 'Survivor Closed Suggestions' started by Bob, Apr 16, 2014.

  1. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    I've created a completely new system for managing WEEKS and GAMES (different than how I did it for pickem for those of you familiar with that system).

    Weeks no longer belong to a POOL, they now belong to a SEASON which belongs to a Sport.

    What this allows is for multiple pools to use a "season" (like 2014 NFL Regular Season). A season can be used in as many pools as you wish (unlike pickem where you had to create all the weeks/games for each pool).

    This is what the hierarchy looks like now:

    Sport (NFL)
    --Season (2014 NFL Regular Season) (season_id = 1)
    -- -- Week (Week 1)
    -- -- -- Game (Raiders vs Broncos)
    -- -- -- Game (Chiefs vs Chargers)
    -- -- Week (Week 2)
    -- -- -- Game (Chiefs vs Broncos)
    -- -- -- Game (Raiders vs Chargers)

    Pool (2014 Regular Season)
    -- Season: (season_id = 1)

    Another advantage is that when you score a game, it takes care of ALL pools that the game is part of. This is a HUGE upgrade over how Pickem works (I hope to change pickem before the NFL season starts).
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