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Not Planned Reminder 24 hours before the first game of a game date

Discussion in 'Pickem Closed Suggestions' started by Wasserlasser, Sep 21, 2015.

  1. Wasserlasser

    Wasserlasser New Member Sportsbook Pickem


    I like the reminders 24h and 48h before the week starts, but how about a reminder for 24 hours before the first game in that week is played?
    I have hockey implemented and they usually play on Friday's and Sunday's. Since I have my week starting on a Monday, it is a couple of days before the first game and I don't hear from the Script anymore so I might forget (I know, I am old).

  2. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    The Reminders are NOT driven by the "Week Start Date", they are driven by the "Week Alert Date". The "Week Alert Date" is ONLY used for the purpose of sending the 24 hour and 48 hour Reminders. This was specifically made to be its OWN setting so you could do exactly what you are wanting to do.

    As you can see here, the Week Start Date is the 1st of Oct. All of the games for THIS particular week are on the 7th of October. We want to REMIND then 48 hours and 24 hours in advance of the FIRST game, so you'd set the Alert date to the 7th of Oct which will send out a 48 hour reminder on the 5th and a 24 hour reminder on the 6th.

    For NFL (which I use the most), there is a THURSDAY Game and then the rest are Sunday and Monday. I set the ALERT DATE to friday which sends out a 48 hour reminder on Wednesday and a 24 hour remind on thursday. I then edit the reminder date and set it to sunday so that those that STILL have not made their picks will get a 48 hour reminder on Friday and if they still have not set by then, a 24 hour reminder on Sat.

    Reminders are only sent to those that have not yet made their picks.

  3. Wasserlasser

    Wasserlasser New Member Sportsbook Pickem

    I meant the Alert date :)
    So you manually change the date? Would that not be a smart idea to have this already in there as an option :)
    Simply put, give the User the option to get reminded for each game...
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