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"Join Pool" link errors if player already in pool

Discussion in 'Pickem Suggestions' started by BIGLLC, Mar 21, 2020.


    BIGLLC New Member Pickem

    Could we change the system response when a user hits a "join-pool" link for a pool they are already a member of?

    People are getting confused after we linked them to the join-pool page in pre-season promotions, and now they are trying to use the same links to get back to the pools to enter their picks.

    Instead of generating an error with no contextual link, perhaps just pass the user through to the current "manage tips" page?
  2. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    FWIW.... in the future, you should NEVER link anyone directly to a permissions based ACTION BUTTON or ACTION LINK (this applies to XenForo itself and any add-on). What you should have done in this case is linked them to the POOL itself and explained to them that in order to join the pool, they have to click on the Join Pool Button, which is a permissions based action button that only displays IF they viewing user has permission to join the pool (and if they have already joined, they don't have permission to join the pool, so trying to directly access the action, its going to throw an error saying so).

    Pickem is in maintenance mode only right now (bug fixes only) so any suggestions won't be considered until the next development cycle, which doesn't start for a few more months (May/June time frame). Note: With XF 2.2 on the horizon, that cycle might need to be adjusted slightly.
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