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Implemented Highlight Team Ranking

Discussion in 'Power Rankings Closed Suggestions' started by tajhay, Oct 14, 2015.

  1. tajhay

    tajhay Active Member CAS Premium AMS Premium SC Premium Sportsbook Pickem Power Rankings Survivor

    It would be nice to have an option to highlight a team ranking throughout the season, or on a week to week basis.

    For some people they may have a site that supports a particular team. Lets say Raiders for example. In the options select as the 'highlighted' team. When people now view the rankings, the rankings for Raiders will be highlighted/stand out.

    Or this could perhaps be done on a week to week basis where i can choose to highlight a big mover/loser for the week via the highlight option for the weeks rankings?
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  2. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    First one is doable without much impact at all. It would be controlled via Teams Management on the backend.

    2nd one is a bit more complex, but I guess it could be as simple as adding a switch on the TEAM EDIT (Where you set the Standing and Message Text for the team). Could be as simple as: Highlight Team and checkbox that is off by default and when they check it, it makes that DIV use a special CSS class (probably use the secondary colors vs the primary colors).

    Both would have to be separate from each other as far as CSS (different elements to make them look different).
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  3. Regs

    Regs Active Member AMS Premium SC Premium Sportsbook Pickem Power Rankings Survivor

    I must say, I do like the concept of the suggestion as it allows 'community' power rankers to focus on their own fav team.
  4. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    ya, its a legit suggestion
  5. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    The more I look into this option, the more I think you might be on to something kinda cool. At first, I was thinking about just adding a single check box that say's "Highlight Team" and some explain text that explains when checking it, the Team Block would be 'highlighted" with some CSS Effects or something.. but then I got to thinking that maybe they could check the box and then select a "highlight type" eg "Big Mover", "Big Loser", "Favorite Team" etc etc (they'd only get to choose 1 option per individual team tho).

    Obviously, before moving forward, I'd need to know exactly the Highlight "TYPES" and how the TYPES will be integrated into the layout. Some might be the same (largest gain, largest loss), others (Favorite Team) might have a different effect. Take some TIME and really THINK about it (its not a contest to see who can respond the fastest with an answer). Its not like I am doing this tonight.
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  6. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    I went ahead and partially implemented this as I thought the 2nd part of the suggestion was a really good idea (not to say the first one isn't, it will most likely get implemented at some point as well).

    It may not be EXACTLY what you suggested, but its close and is pretty flexible.

    First, I've added several "Highlight" types (the ones suggested, plus several of my own). These HAVE to be built in, so additional ones (at least for THIS version of the feature) will have to be requested and added into the Addon itself.

    There are 11 Highlight Types. The Highlight "block" has a CSS Class and each Highlight Type also has its Own CSS class that can be used to Customize the Main Class (letting you personalize each type to your liking).

    How are these used? When you EDIT the TEAM on a given Power Ranking, there is a new option to check if you want to Highlight Team. When you check that, it unlocks the drop down select and lets you choose one of the 11 Highlight Types (as shown in the screen shot below).


    What do they do? Well, right now they simply add some formatted text above the team message. As mentioned above, the wrapper for all of them is the same (Bold, Centered, 1px solid underline, 11 pt font size etc). Also, each Highlight type has its OWN class allowing you to easily customize via Extra CSS (or directly to the CSS template itself). I added a screen shot with Firebug you so can see both classes in the element and seeing how I modified the CSS for the the Type "Your Favorite Team" to use RED color for the text and changed the color of the bottom border.


    Also, with some ingenuity, you could really go to town with this by radically changing the entire layout of a block for an Eliminated team (for example). The Highlight Type can be used at any point within the loop for that specific team. Hell, you could REMOVE a team from displaying that has been set to "eliminated" so that it only displayed Playoff Teams (just another example).
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  7. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    Changed things up slightly because of some other CSS Tweaks made to the Team Block layout. Much easier to read now with less BLACK (Title is now the same as the LINK colors as the Team Title will be a LINK to the Team Page in later versions). The RECORD is now the muted text color. The default color for the Highlights uses the styles secondary color (which I've already explained can be EASILY customized via Extra.CSS or editing the CSS file directly. Also, each Highlight has its own CLASS, so you can customize each highlight the way you want.

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  8. tajhay

    tajhay Active Member CAS Premium AMS Premium SC Premium Sportsbook Pickem Power Rankings Survivor

    Awesome :)
  9. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    Instead of adding excessive programming logic and arguing about the best way to use that logic (layout/display), a better option is using the TEAM ID as a CSS Class for the Team Block on the Power Ranking Listing (this has been recently added). This allows Each Site to do their OWN customization vs 1 single forced option for everyone. It also allows sites that want to customize each team block in that particular teams COLORS the ability to do so vs only being able to put focus on 1 team.

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