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Discontinued support for XenPorta & No support for XenPorta 2

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Bob, Dec 22, 2014.

  1. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    As per title, support for XenPorta has been discontinued effective immediately. Also, I will not be supporting XenPorta 2 in any capacity at this time.

    What does this quote from Jaxel mean?
    It means that you can not use any of the existing XenPorta blocks that I've included with Showcase, Sportsbook or Pickem with XenPorta 2.

    Does this mean you will re write all the XenPorta blocks for XenPorta 2.
    No. I will not be supporting XenPorta 2 at this time.

    Will you continue support for XenPorta?
    No. XenPorta has been marked as Unsupported in the resource manager. XenPorta blocks will be removed from all packages and all support for XenPorta will been discontinued as of today.

    Will you provide [PAID] Blocks development for XenPorta 2 like you did for XenPorta?
    No. I will not be supporting or providing custom development for XenPorta 2 at this time.

    What are my options?
    I will be continuing support (XF 1.x series) with xfrocks and the [bd] widget framework and will be working towards built in integration for Featured Threads (when setup as a portal) for all my addons. I will also try and work with Jeff & Daniel to provide support for XenGrid. Working with xfrocks and Brogan has been a pleasure. Both developers go above and beyond supporting other 3rd party developers. xfrocks has gone as far as providing several integration's into his addons in direct support of my addons. Brogan has done the same recently with Featured Threads.

    With that said, I do plan on moving away from ALL 3rd party addon integration (for Blocks/Widgets) when re writing addons for XenForo 2.0 in favor of using phpCallback Blocks (or something else depending on what new functionality might come with XF 2.0).

    I know that some of you will probably be disappointed, upset, mad, fuming, etc (understandable), however, please understand that Jaxel is the one that discontinued support of XenPorta and you can't expect me (or any other developer for that matter) to support an unsupported addon. Jaxel also made existing blocks incompatible with his new addon with no upgrade path provided to users or 3rd party developers. His lack of communication coupled with his apparent lack of interest in working with fellow 3rd party developers is the reason for my decision on this matter.
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  2. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    Can 3rd party developers create XenPorta 2 blocks?
    Yes. 3rd party developers are more than welcome to develop XenPorta 2 blocks for any of my addons. I am in NO WAY preventing them from being created, I am just not going to be including them anymore nor will I spend any time doing any custom development for XenPorta 2. There are some really talented young developers within the XenForo community that can build XenPorta Blocks for you and this gives them a great opportunity to hone their development skills while allowing me time to dedicate to the core functionality of the addons themselves.

    Can I give a 3rd party developer a copy of the addon so that they can develop on their local machine?
    No. That is a violation of the license agreement and you can have your license revoked if you do that. You can give them access to your development environment or they can contact me for development license (a discounted license for development purposes only).

    Can 3rd party Developers Sell blocks they develop?
    Yes. as long as they own a regular license or a development license. If not, then the client they developed the block for has to be the one to sell it.
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