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Not Planned Competitions

Discussion in 'Stock Trader Closed Suggestions' started by matth, Apr 11, 2015.

  1. matth

    matth New Member

    If we were to run this product, I can see people getting bored of it over time. However, if we were able to run a competition, over a period of time that might be a lot of fun, and replicable. Another reader also mentioned it.

    We would need to consider that people might have different starting balances, so it would have to take a snapshot of returns for the given period.

    Could this be done in a way where people started with a fixed amount.. eg 10000 credits, and whoever had the most from that at the end was the winner? If so that could be really interesting. I'm not sure how you'd manage when you have three different scenarios going into this:

    User 1 has 0 credits = he can buy more via a credit system and 'play'
    User 2 has 10000 credits = he can play
    User 3 has 20000 credits = can he play by buying in with half his balance and keep the other half 'out of the game'?

    I think without some sort of challenge like this the interest will fizzle out over time.
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