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Beta 6/RC1 update...

Discussion in 'Stock Trader Support' started by Bob, Sep 6, 2012.

  1. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    I posted this in the Demo thread and wanted to post it in here for those of you that have been eagerly awaiting an update.... its been a while in the making, but its a pretty solid update coming soon.

    UPDATE: The demo on this site has been upgraded to Beta 6/RC 1. You can see how the currency exchange functionality works as Stocks in both the UK exchanges and Germany exchanges are now converted to US Dollar values. I did NOT convert any pre existing stocks from x currency to y currency. The system is not and will not be designed to swap currencies whenever you want to.

    MORE DETAILS ON CURRENCY EXCHANGE: Currency exchange works via a CRON Entry that grabs current exchange rate info at a pre determined period. It comes set to check once per day, but you can edit the CRON and have it update the exchange rate tables as often as you want.

    IMPORTANT! This is a ONE TIME INITIAL SETTING.. ie, you set it to use one of the Currencies (US, ERUO or Pound) and you don't change it again. It is not a toy designed to be changed just so you can see how it looks/works. If you want to mess with that, do it on a dev server. It DOES NOT convert pre existing purchased stock, nor will I ever build in such functionality to do so.

    The new "Popular Stocks" area is also included in this upgrade. Before, the entire area loaded at once and this was a HUGE strain on the server due to having to lookup each individual stock via the feed, plus then convert stock currency on the fly. NOW each Tab loads individually, so data is only queried when needed. Obvious people are going to "play" by clicking the tabs to watch them load, but that will die down quickly and then will only access them when needed.

    I've also enhanced the auto lookup. It will only return results that have a high probability of being a valid stock. It will no longer return results outside of the approved exchanges. ie, if you only have the UK exchanges activated, no results for Germany or US exchanges (or any other in the entire DB) will show up. There is still a change that some NON Valid UK symbols will sneak in, those are mainly Mutual Funds that are not valid stocks.

    There are also many other things that have changed/been enhanced (layout, css, code etc).
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