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Implemented Author Pages changes

Discussion in 'Power Rankings Closed Suggestions' started by Bob, Aug 19, 2016.

  1. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    Author Rankings Pages and Author sub pages (both new) have changed A LOT from the old system.

    Lets look first at the NEW Author Rankings Pages.

    First, you will notice that the LINK in the Navigation Menu has changed from "Your Rankings" to "Manage Your Rankings". The reason is because you now MANAGE all aspects of Rankings from this new area.

    This is the ONLY place that you can CREATE a Ranking now. When you are viewing YOUR Author Page, you will have TWO listings.

    The TOP listings are all of your Rankings for a particular Season of a particular Sport. There are nice big buttons to click on to enter the Management Area directly from this page for each particular Ranking as clicking on the TITLE takes you to the Authors Page for that particular ranking.

    The BOTTOM listings are the available seasons that have permission to create a Ranking for.

    The Breadcrumb has also changed

    NOTE: When a season is complete, you need to log into the Admin CP and set the season to PREVIOUS so that it does not display in the available seasons list!

    NOTE 2: Upcoming Seasons are NOT available!


    When viewing another members Author page, all you will see are there Author Rankings


    Lets see the SUB Pages. A Sub page is a listing of All power rankings for the specific Author Ranking. In this screen shot, you can see all my Power Rankings for the 2015 NFL Preseason. Since I am viewing my own page, there is a Button to enter the Management (where I actually manage each individual power ranking).

    There is a sidebar now with a block to switch between the authors Rankings.

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