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Add another option to "reassign article" to include the owner of the associated thread

Discussion in 'AMS Suggestions' started by sbj, Apr 21, 2020.

  1. sbj

    sbj Member AMS SC Premium

    When we use this tool, it would be nice to have another tickbox asking us if we also want to have changed the owner of the associated thread.

    I just had to reassign 15 articles and since all include 15 associated threads, had to do the same for those too. I think this can save time.

    Also I think this is expected design because when I change the title of the article, it automatically changes the title of the associated thread. So, thought reassigning would have a similar behaviour.

  2. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    Core XF does not have a function to reassign a Thread or a Post. You must have an addon installed that lets you reassign a Thread or Post.

    Its not. XFRM also does NOT reassign the associated discussion thread, in fact, there is no function in XenForo that reassigns a discussion thread (or a post for that matter).

    Btw, there is already an existing suggestion for this (and it would apply to several of my addons, so if I did it for AMS, I'd do it for all the rest as well). I've even posted in a few of them stating that as soon as XenForo adds the ability to reassign a thread (aka, the first post) and or if XFRM implements it, I would follow suit.
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