1. This demo is the XF1 version of Showcase (Showcase 2.9.3).

    A demo for the XF2 version of Showcase (Showcase 3.0.0) can be viewed HERE

Scraper 550

  • Engine

    The Versatile Scraper Special tractors are powered by the Cummins QSX that features the latest in diesel engine technology. Cummins is the exclusive engine supplier across the entire range of Versatile tractors. Engineers from both companies worked together to ensure seamless integration of the engine with the transmission and electronics.

    Cummins QSX15 - The high horsepower range of Versatile Scraper Special Tractors features a QSX15 engine that provides excellent power and torque. The high displacement six-cylinder engine which uses EGR/DPF emissions technology offers higher torque rise ensuring it is never short on power and always up to task.

    Power Growth - The iT4 Cummins QSX engines give the Versatile Scraper Special an impressive 11% power bulge at 1800 RPM. The new engines are also capable of achieving up to a 51% torque rise, an increase of 25% over previous generations.
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