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Scraper 450

  • Features

    Auto Grease - Optional on the Versatile Scraper Special Tractors is an auto greasing system. This system is located on the left side of the tractor near the articulation point. This electronically controlled unit can be set to grease in half hour intervals from 30 minutes up to five hours. The auto-greasing systems reduces maintenance time. The ability to grease during operation results in the best possible grease distribution across the bearing surface; this results in reduce component wear for moving parts and creates an effective barrier against moisture and dirt. The automatic greasing systems reduces downtime and maintenance costs.

    Hydraulics - The rigorous demands of scraper work require a reliable hydraulic system. The Versatile Scraper Special tractor is available with six hydraulic circuits and hi-flow hydraulic with a flow rate of 106 GPM (401 L/min). Electro-hydraulics are ergonomically designed for both comfort and convenience and allow for finger-tip operation of hydraulic functions.

    Tow Cable - As standard equipment a tightly braided steel tow cable is securely mounted just behind the articulation point and extends all the way to the front weight kit. Simply unhook the cable from the weights, attach to another machine and get out of any situation with ease.

    Hitch Options - Versatile Scraper Special tractors have a variety of available hitch options to match industry standard pans. Tractors can be ordered from factory with Miskin, Reynolds and K-Tec hitches.

    Worklights - For low-light working conditions, Versatile Scraper Special tractors are equipped with fourteen standard worklights mounted on the grille, front fenders, rear fenders and cab. To maximize visibility an optional HID lighting package is available. These lights provide up to ten times more light than conventional headlights.

    Differential Lock - Available as an option, Versatile Scraper Special tractors feature a hydraulically operated differential lock which can be engaged when additional traction is required. Included is a steering angle sensor that turns off the differential lock when steering occurs at an angle of 10° to protect the driveline.
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