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Quick Guide To Cleaning Marine Pumps And Equipment With Household Vinegar (acetic Acid)

  • Guys and girls as you would have come to realise by now as a seasoned aquarist husbandry and maintenance are the order of the day when it comes to marine aquaria and actually anything in life if you want to preserve and achieve an optimal lifespan out of a working motor etc,

    The process for cleaning is very simple,

    Here I have a Jebao RW15 pump which I’ve had running in my system for 6 months






    Its encrusted with coralline and other slime algae through me dosing calcium based additives in order to grow the skeletal structures of my stony corals, awesome for the corals but what does this mean for the pump?

    We a few things to consider that it could possibly do:

    Reduces flow output

    Possible wear on impellor’s and impellor blades

    Far fetched but possibly overheating of the pump reducing its lifespan.

    What I did in the past with my Tunze pumps was bathe them in a 100% solution of clear vinegar for about 20 - 30 min, then using a household nail brush scrub off the more stubborn parts of coralline,

    This method can be implemented with all marine equipment as long as a food based acid is used, hence household vinegar being my chosen “cleaning chemical”

    Coralline algae is a build up of calcium carbonate and by adding acid you are dissolving this hard structured algae into a liquid, in really extreme cases you may need to soak the item being cleaned overnight, and if still battling id change the vinegar as the more it is used without being changed the weaker it becomes losing its effectiveness.

    For skimmer bodies i like to soak them with vinegar with a bit of warm water, try resist the temptation to scrub the skimmer as the tiny calcium growths will scratch the acrylic or plastic skimmer body, this may seem trivial but believe me it will greatly reduce your asking price if you were wanting to sell to upgrade.

    Here is the pump disassembled and soaking

    Here are the results of a 30 minute clean




    And there you have it, a simple and effective method in keeping your equipment in peak condition inexpensively,

    This pump definitely seemed to pump more water when I was finished with the clean...
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