Matt's 1999 Supercharged Corvette

  • Supercharged and track prepped no expenses were spared in turning this middle aged sports car into a modern day road racer. With an upgraded front end including aerodynamic fixed HID headlights, racing aero provided by Couture Aero, carbon fiber side spoilers, an A&A Supercharger, and lightweight racing wheels from Japan, this Corvette not only turns heads but hot laps.
  • 1999 Corvette C5 6 Speed Manual (LS1) Coupe
    A&A Supercharger
    A&A 8 Rib Pulley
    A&A Flip Drive
    A&A Fuel System
    Stage II Cam 224/232/116
    LG Longtube Headers
    LG X Pipe
    Borla Stingers Exhaust
    Centerforce DYAD
    Pfadt Featherlight Coilovers
    MGW SS
    C6Z06 Swaybars
    C6Z06 Endlinks
    DTC70/60 Brakes
    SS Lines
    SSR Type CH Wheels
    CoutureAero TSII Front Bumper
    Carbon Creations Carbon Fiber ZR1 Sideskirts
    Radioflyer V3 Headlights

    Sponsored by: Couture Aero
  • 10557627_10152265935885017_8541950462326715822_o.jpg 10533899_10152265935790017_7205091863672161239_o.jpg 10498426_10152265935780017_2001839279106114823_o.jpg 1510892_10151913904710017_1752250650_n.jpg 1962538_10152043667350017_1031659875_o.jpg


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