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    A demo for the XF2 version of Showcase (Showcase 3.0.0) can be viewed HERE


  • Full Floating Hitch
    A floating hitch is important in that it allows the implement to follow irregular ground contours closely. Unlike conventional hitch designs, the floating hitch moves up or down with the tractor without interfering with the operation of the implement. If an obstruction is encountered, the implement simply rolls over it without transferring weight to the front gangs. Blade and bearing damage can be significantly reduced. A spring-cushioned screw crank is provided to make short work of leveling the disc front to rear. Standard on all cultivators, chisel cultivators and chisel plows.

    Single Cylinder Depth Control
    Single cylinder depth control guarantees more accurate depth control than series cylinders commonly used by competitors. This is achieved by eliminating the leakage that occurs between hydraulic cylinders in series, which constantly need rephasing. The result is dependable accuracy in the field where it counts. Not available on model C600.

    Quick Wing Levelers
    Fine tuning the toolbar’s levelness is crucial to ensure an accurate tillaging depth is achieved. Versatile has designed their cultivators so that a single person can level the wing sections side to side by extending or contracting these quick wing levelers.

    Castor Wheels
    Allow for easy removal of wheel and tire if required. Castering axle rides on a nylon graphite wear washer for long life and smooth castering. Fork style front caster tends to plug with mud and trash build up due to limited space between the tires and each piece supporting it. L-shaped casters reduce this problem by 50%.

    Tandem Walking Axles
    Tandem walking beams are standard on all Versatile tillage equipment. Each walking beam pivots on two tapered roller bearings to improve weight distribution and stability when unit is being towed.

    Wheel Hub Seals
    Protecting wheel bearings in a dust filled environment can be a challenging task. Versatile’s hub sealing system is designed specifically for this situation. A triple lip seal is fixed to the spindle, while the seal cup positioned in the hub turns. The result is a longer life of operation and the ability to grease without pushing the seal out.

    Front to Rear Leveling
    Front to rear leveling is accomplished quickly and easily with adjustable pusharms connected to the rockshaft.
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