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220 Gallon Main Reef Tank



    I created some 20 years ago a 50 and 60 gallon marine system set in the lounge wall with little experience in any of the various fields I now know to be required. Over the following years these changed to tropical for various reasons. Some of which were rising costs, wrong location (sun light bathed the tanks all day), very little information and help (no Web access) when problems arose and family commitments. So now with an abundance of knowledge available and the kids left home I am able to create a new system. After much deliberation I have set about designing and constructing my new reef world. Where possible I would build it myself and at a reasonable cost. What follows is a true and honest account of my efforts, the ups and downs that in similar ways I believe all Reefers must pass through to reach ascension. edit
  • Tank Size:

    General Specifications:

    1. A 200+ gallon main reef tank with a weir and closed loop system

    2. A sump with DSB

    3. Protein Skimmer, Phosphate and Calcium Reactor

    4. An R/O system

    5. A good controlled suspended lighting system

    6. Weekly water changes using ball valve and pump control

    7. Use my original 48” tank for the sump

    8. Use my original 36” tank for an Auto Top-up, Salt water change and Refugium

    9. All fish acquisitions would be kept to the smaller varieties while the invertebrate and corals would only be controlled by cost.
  • Reef Tank-1.jpg Aluminium Frame Assy.jpg Auto Top-up View.jpg Closed Loop Pump System.jpg Main Display Tank Assy.jpg Reef Tank-2.jpg Refugium Ball Cock Sectioned.jpg Refugium Tank Assy.jpg Sump Tank Assy.jpg Sump Tank Complete.jpg Weir Box Breather Tube Mod.jpg Weir Pumping System Complete.jpg Weir Pumping System Complete -1.jpg Weir Top Pipe System.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Bob
    "Nice Tank!"
    Really want to build one of these! Really want to build one of these!
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  1. Edpal
    "Reefer Ascension" sounds like a stoner band name.:D
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