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1987 Buick Gnx

  • The Buick GNX was the muscle car of the 80's and is still held high on the pedestal of muscle cars. With its 231 turbocharged V6 it quickly became the king of the road in 1987 but with only 547 produced you will be hard pressed to find one and if you do your wallet will take a big hit.

    The GNX was a modified version of the Buick Grand National which had its original debut in 1982 when Buick built only 215. Skipping 1983 Buick rolled out the GN again in 1984 producing 2000 and continued production until the final GN rolled off the assembly line in December 1987. The differences from a regular GN to the GNX isn't very noticeable unless you are a Buick GN buff. Fender flares, fender louvers and a highly customized rear suspension made the GNX a car of its own. Upgraded turbo and re-worked cam shaft and ECM (chip) made the GNX scream at the track with low 13 second runs out of the box.
  • Engine
    • Rated 276hp @ 4400rpm
    • Torque 300ft/lb @ 3000rpm
    • SFI Fuel Injected
    • Intercooled
    Body / Chassis
    • Weight: 3474lb
    • 2 Door
    • 5 Seats
  • Beineke GNX med 118 .jpg Beineke GNX med 2.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. Qwk86gn
    "Fast with Class!"
    Pros - Grandma loves this car to get her groceries!
    Cons - Doesn't cook :(
    Woooh, nice features!
  2. Bob
    "not sure what to think"
    Pros - Color! Love black.
    Cons - Buick lol
    Was actually a pretty nice car for its day and time!


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