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1979 Mgb Roadster

  • I drive a restoration of my MGB in the last 4 years here in Spain.
    I Weld a lot of new patches to the body during the restoration process, respray the car, rebuild the engine completely, do new brakes and suspension, change entire wiring loom, etc. In other words the car is restored 100%.
  • Engine

    4 cylinder in line, pushrod, single cam.
    High or low compression depending on market.

    MGB Engine Specification
    Cubic capacity:
    Main bearings:

    Oil pressure:

    Grade of oil:
    Sump Capacity:
    Firing Order:
    Compression ratio HC:

    Compression ratio LC:
    Compression HC:

    Compression LC:
    Valve size in/ex:

    Cam timing:

    Power output: 80.26mm
    18G, 18GA - 3
    18GB on - 5
    ~70psi at 3000rpm
    ~50psi idle
    SAE 20W50
    7.5 pints
    18G - 8.8:1
    18V - 9.0:1
    18G - 160psi
    18V - 170psi
    18G, 18V 74 on - 39.8mm/34.1mm
    18V to 74 - 41.3mm/34.1mm
    18G - 16/56 51/21
    18V - 20/52 55/17
    See performance section in Library.

    Ignition Timing

    Varies with Engine spec, see above.
    MGB Ignition Specification
    Distributor points gap:
    Spark plugs:
    Spark plug gap:
    0.015 in
    NGK BP6ES or Champion N9YC
    0.025 in (0.030 in or more with Sport coil)
    0.035 in (after 1975)

    Carburetter Type

    MGB Carburetor Specification
    1963 - 1971:
    1972 - 1974:
    1975 - 1980: Twin SU HS-4
    Twin SU HIF-4
    Single Zenith-Stromberg
    Jet size, main:

    Needle & Springs: SU 0.090 in
    Zenith: 0.100
    Various according to carburettor spec.


    Borg & Beck type, single dry plate.
    MGB Clutch Specification
    Number of springs: Ferodo
    Single Diaphragm


    Four speed manual, synchromesh on top three ratios to 1965, all synchro after. Electrical overdrive optional, standard from 1975. Borg Warner 35 automatic gearbox was also available 1967 to 1973.
    MGB Transmission Specification
    (to Oct67) 18GD-18V/780
    (Nov67-Nov74) 18V/797-18V/847
    (Dec74-May76) 18V/846-18V/893
    First: 3.6363:1 3.440:1 3.036:1 3.333:1
    Second: 2.2143:1 2.167:1
    Third: 1.3736:1 1.382:1
    Third O/D: 1.101:1 to 18GD, 1.133:1 18GF on
    Top: 1.00:1
    Top O/D: 0.802:1 to 18GD, 0.82:1 18GF on
    Reverse: 4.7552:1 3.095:1
    Grade of oil: SAE 20W50 (same as engine)
    Capacity: 4.5 pints, 4.7 pints, 6 pints.
    Add ~3 pints when O/D fitted

    Propellor Shaft

    Open shaft, needle roller universal joint at each end with grease zerks.
    Final Drive

    Live axle, hypoid bevel gears. "Banjo" type to Jun-67, "Salisbury" type onwards. Open differential.
    MGB Differential Specification
    Ratio: Manual: 3.909:1 (all years)
    Auto: 3.7:1
    MGC: Early manual: 3.07
    Early auto & o/d:
    Late manual: 3.307
    Late o/d: 3.70
    MPH per 1000rpm: Manual top: 17.9
    Top O/D: 22.1
    Auto: 18.91
    Grade of oil: SAE 90EP Hypoid
    Capacity: 1.5 pints

    Cooling System

    Pressurised, thermostatic control, pump assisted. Water/antifreeze mix.
    MGB Cooling System Specification
    Capacity: 12 pints
    Cap Rating: 1962-67 7 lbs
    1968-75 10 lbs
    1976 13 lbs
    1977-80 15 lbs

    Fuel System

    Tank located at rear of car under boot (trunk) floor.
    Pump SU points-type, attached to battery bracket on right hand side, in front of rear wheel, under body.

    MGB Fuel System Specification

    Tank capacity:
    12 gallons (?)
    Pump pressure:
    2-4 psi (static)
    Pump rate:
    SU HP
    31.8 Lph
    SU AUF 300/305
    68.2 Lph​
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Recent Reviews

  1. Bob
    "Nice Car!"
    Pros - make, model, year
    Cons - Color (not a fan of green)
    Even tho I am not a fan of the color, I love this car!


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