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Auction 1969 Camaro Rs/z28 Barn Find

  • When was the last time you saw a 1969 Camaro RS/Z28 in this shape? How about in a Major Car Show?

    When we first saw this car at the 2010 Forge Muscle Car Show we knew we had to get some photos. After all this is one rare Camaro. It is a 1969 RS/Z28 with the soft front bumper and only has 36,000 miles. Unfortunately, the car was parked in 1975 and isn’t in the best shape! It is mostly original according to the owner, Robert Hurst. The tires are obviously new and a few other parts were changed out back in the day just as most of us would have done but nothing major.

    So here you have a low miles 1969 Camaro RS/Z28 and it is rusted beyond belief. What would you do with it? I can’t even figure out if I should post this in the Barn Find pages, our Feature Car pages, Project Car pages or simply call it a Rat Rod Muscle Car! It is surely an intriguing find.

    The old Z28 302 doesn’t look so mean now does it?

    What would you do with this car if you found it? I know a 1969 Camaro RS/Z28 can bring big money but I don’t think this car can be restored for what such cars are selling for today. Given that, how much would you pay for this car? I want to hear from you!
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Recent Reviews

  1. vicki
    "I like rustic stuff..."
    Plus, the pics positioned directly under the text looks neat...


  1. donjohnson
    pretty cool bob, nice car to
      Bob B likes this.
  2. Bob
    one of my friends had a 69 Z28 similar to this one. Same color, same rims, same engine (the 302), only his was automatic (this one is stick)
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    1. Veer
      Veer, Apr 1, 2014
    2. Bob
      I'd love to find one in mint condition :D
      Bob, Apr 1, 2014
  3. Veer
    its cool
      Bob B likes this.
  4. vicki
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