1. This demo is the XF1 version of AMS (AMS 1.6.8).

    A demo for the XF2 version of AMS (AMS 2.0.0) can be viewed HERE

Tips & Tricks & How To's

By Bob · Jul 6, 2016 · ·
  1. Bob
    Tips & Tricks & How To's

    This article contains various Tips & Tricks along with some basic How To's.

    This is a MULTI PAGE DEMO so either click on FULL ARTICLE to view the article in its entirety OR click on the Next button (to go to the next page) or click on the page that you want to view via the Table Of Contents.

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  1. Joeychgo
    Great and informative article!
    1. Bob
      not sure if you are being sarcastic or not, but this is a DEMO to show how the multipage works. Nothing more, nothing less.
    2. Joeychgo
      Mostly just looking to see how comments work.
      Bob likes this.
    3. Bob
      similar to profile posts (almost the same actually)
  2. reddy ink
    Where I do find option to set multi-pages in AMS?

    Thanks a lot!
    1. Bob
      On each article, there is a link in the Article Tools drop down to access the Multi Page Article Management for that article. There is also an option setting that will display a button on the article page (in the bread crumb) to create a page. That only displays to the Article Owner however. You also have to have the moderator permission "Manage Article Pages" if you are not the owner of the article.
      reddy ink likes this.
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