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How to place custom Item Fields in templates?

By Bob · Apr 27, 2013 · ·
  1. Bob
    Here is an example on how to use custom fields in Showcase 2.0.0

    This example uses the new HELPERS (Field Title and Field Value). selfplace1 = the custom field ID for this example
    <xen:if is="{$item.customFields.selfplace1}">
        <div class="customShowcaseFields tab1">
            <dl class="customShowcaseFieldselfplace1">
                <dt>{xen:helper showcaseFieldTitle, 'selfplace1'}:</dt>
                <dd>{xen:helper showcaseFieldValue, $item, 'selfplace1', {$item.customFields.selfplace1}}</dd>
    This is how you'd use the RAW field value
    This is how you'd use the helper formated field value only.
    {xen:helper showcaseFieldValue, $item, 'selfplace1', {$item.customFields.selfplace1}}

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  1. Isxforo
    Hi, @Bob .
    I thought this ask would be put here. :rolleyes:

    Could you guide the customReviewFields syntax for Self Placement too?
  2. toodlez
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